Reviews Assassination Games (2011)

Assassination Games
Reviews Assassination Games (2011)
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Assassination Games This is my first and probably my last review. The 6.something rating was doubtlessly a main reason for this review of mine, as I thought it was quite outrageous and unfair for this piece of art. Another main reason was the fact I’ve just watched this movie and I wanted to openly express how I felt about it and share my thoughts.

If you’re looking for a pure action flick and classical typical Van Damme movie, you can stop reading this review right now and find yourself a better movie, because this one is below average for a movie labeled as “action”.

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    Van Damme is a professional assassin who’s introduced to us by a quick job he smoothly executes in the beginning of the movie. His character is somehow typical for an assassin as he’s portrayed as a semi-heartless man controlled by material motives. The first and most prominent aspect is the movie is Van Damme’s acting; which is for me unsurprising yet still admirable every time. Besides Van Damme, quite a few actors did their roles very nicely indeed, especially those with supporting roles. The juxtaposition presented via Van Damme’s cold character meeting with its utter opposite -Scott Adkins’ character- was a very entertaining element and added a lot to the plot and the whole story.Speaking of the story, it’s nothing complicated or Inception-ish, yet it’s not THAT predictable to say the least. Personally I appreciated the simplicity of the story as the message there made it up; the moral of the story had a remarkable impact on me. That’s a matter of opinion of course, but I’m sure that many would appreciate it as well.The music in the movie aided a lot in enriching some scenes, the cinematography was pretty good, sound editing was good and probably most technical aspects of the movie were VERY good.Like I stated earlier, the action scenes are rare, however, when they happen, they’re absolutely fun to watch and don’t lack enjoyment. On the other hand, the drama in this movie is what makes it superb. The script wasn’t magnificent, yet many simple straightforward lines will be stuck in your head for sometime after watching this movie.Briefly, if it’s action your’e after, don’t watch this movie. If you want some few action scenes with excellent drama and a GOOD message, you MUST watch this one.Personally, I’m willing to watch this movie over and over again JUST to watch the last scene.


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