The reviews of the Auditorium about the film The Strain (2014–2017)

THE STRAIN - Pictured: Rupert Penry-Jones as Quinlan. CR: James Minchin/FX
The reviews of the Auditorium about the film The Strain (2014–2017)
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The Strain (2014–2017)

by amateurs and directed by money hungry morons who know little of the profession. If this makes for a second season, I no longer want to live on this planet.

THE STRAIN – Pictured: Rupert Penry-Jones as Quinlan. CR: James Minchin/FX |

It was said in the other reviews but the holes in the plot as big as the Grand Canyon is so clear. The aircraft land, died on the tarmac. The first two have the ATC and a remark that the plane seemed a lot bigger in real life. At what time of day did the writers come up with that? I guess about 10:30 pm after pizza, cheap beer and some joints that were passed around. Or it could have been after their bed time? Perhaps the bears their miracle has come to life and has been involved, who can say?

I could write a novel, there is a lot of confusion here. How did this was sold to the Studio? How do writers come to an agreement that what they offer is not laughable? How do the actors deliver the lines that do not want to throw up in their mouth? How to countless number of morons who got such a high rating and give great consideration to tie their own Shoelaces?

I have a lot of respect for Guillermo del Toro, he has a real passion for the unknown, the strange and magical, Hellboy is a unique movie and a great jump start, but unfortunately some bad choices to prevent the following movies to enter the Hall of Fame. For example, in the maze of Pan, Fauno, main character in the affected monster and look weird (you might say, even cheap). Pacific Rim suffers from megalomania and too much mechanical noise.


first of all – the acting, none of the main actors have the ability to lead the show, they all have experience in supporting roles but do not have the charm or ability to act to stand in front. Perhaps del Toro needs to find him a new casting agent? and of course the Kid, has a history of child actors, most of them totally action even more perfect when they grow up, (for example: Anna Paquin in the piano, Macaulay Culkin in home alone, Haley Joel Osment in the sixth sense). but Ben Hyland who plays Zach in stress is one of the worst child actor that I have ever seen … it’s like he learned acting from watching the performance of Marcel Marceau, what with more action? All of the faces, or the eye roll? It is not natural, and it spoiled for everyone, I would suggest that in the next version of the script will locate this kid out of the series, maybe the kid will join her grandparents away from NYC and out of danger?

“The master’s” Monster-same problem with Pan’s Labyrinth of main Monster characters happen here too, OK, I get it, del Toro wants reanimated classic (and not so sexy) initially vampires but the result does not have any horror project , it looks infinitely disappointing, we fear? I don’t think so. So, in conclusion, the series could be great if it weren’t for the bad choice del Toro makes, and because we are talking about a promising Director as such, it is even more disappointing.

The Good: creepy scenes. I love a few of them and not giving away a spoiler let me just say that my favorite is of the young girl on and off the aircraft. A clear understanding of the threat. If you like me you wait a long time glad for that episode last night. I would like to know just what kind of show I had been watching and have been transferred. A vampire plot. I love the word take on vampires being parasites. It was good to see the traditional aspect coming out as well with the water and pass rule refers to the rules the day. The plot runs deep and the stakes are very high. A new vampire. I’ve invited a friend to view more» last night and the first thing he asked me was Awakening in the scene “are the vampires or are they zombies? “obviously not the modern vampire. It reminds me of a traditional vampire, but with a somewhat plausible interpretations of transference.

The bad: terrible dialog. My ears have not been nearly as happy as my eyes were after the first episode. The characters do not communicate well or natural. I found myself wanting to scream at the TV because it’s very awkward and just plain bad at the moment. Vampire frustrating. The wake scene did in fact look like a scenes of zombies to vampires eat mindless, where obviously we have very clearly vampires in other scenes including her from the plane. I try to have some narrow bloody-mindedness open because there’s a good chance the Vampires could be developed and could explain such a sharp contrast. The character Corny. The “Hood” of Latino families were on top and reminded me of the character that you might see in a film of the 80s. Missing actor. If you look at the Emmy-nominated shows this year, you’ll see that for a show like this, to bring an actor can be the collapse of it. I don’t see a major emerging character other than random Harry Potter supporting cast or House of cards guy.

Reviews A Cure for Wellness

Already done: I just watched the twists on SyFy and there was a distinct feeling of Deja Vu last night. While I give props to the new understanding of vampires, I can’t help but cry foul when it comes to less developed psyche of vampires. I have a feeling the series will do a lot of explaining. If so, maybe we will just see something special.


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