Reviews Avengers: Infinity War

Reviews Avengers: Infinity War
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Marvels studios Avengers: Infinity War certainly lives up to the hype it generates. Now take a slow peek beneath the ‘hype’ and what do you find? You will see a repeat of what previous MCU chain movies offered: Slick action and stunning visuals. The producers know this mix works very well at the box office and so it comes to no surprise they apply this same formula again here.

Supposedly the culmination of previous MCU movies, Avengers: Infinity War is where superheroes gather to prevent the main villain Thanos from acquiring a set of supernatural stones in order to become the most powerful being in the entire universe and beyond.

With a disjointed plot, mediocre story line and poor character development for the main villain, Avengers: Infinity War falls below expectation as a standalone movie. The story line totally fails in building up the viewer’s eagerness for their superheroes to give Thanos a good thrashing. (The exception maybe fanboy’s for Bruce Banner) The supers are made to look as if they are a bumbling bunch, caring more for their kin than saving the entire universe. On the opposing side, Thanos is a grey brooding being waiting a chance to tell his (or it’s) dull life story….yawn. Thano’s screen presence doesn’t invoke anything out of the viewer’s emotions. No fear, anger or even sympathy. Nothing!

Towards the end of the movie I thought it would have been just super if Dr. Strange opened up a portal from the ‘other’ alternate superhero universe for the man of steel to come and beat Thanos out of his boring stone hunting life.

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    As of previous MCU movies, nutty one liners are a prerequisite and here in one glaring instance the scriptwriters stooped low for this.Is Avengers: Infinity war a great movie? Opinions differ on opposite ends and with respect to that, let me say that Avengers: Infinity war is not great and not even good a movie.

    Parents (If family values are high on your list) with young kids wanting to see this, be aware that Avengers: Infinity War has a dark underlying theme.

    2 stars, one for Tom Holland and the other for Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.




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