Reviews Den of Thieves (2018)

den of thieves
Reviews Den of Thieves (2018)
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swcodfather commented :

 Den of Thieves I have absolutely no idea who this film is aimed at , it is xenophobic, racist, misogynistic and some of the acting is so wooden you could believe the cast have been carved out of pine. If the police actually behave like that in American, then goodness help it’s citizens.

All the women in the film are portrayed as mindless sex objects – with zero character development, and the constant testosterone fuelled scenes become so idiotic, repetitive and unbelievable that I was actually laughing out loud in the cinema at how bad it was. All the waving of large military grade guns around – would lead you to believe there is some bodily appendage justification going on. I think Freud would have had a field day.

den of thieves
Den of Thieves

Also some of the scenes when the thieves are working out borders on homo-erotic – though I fully suspect it was definitely not designed to do that. In one scene they definitely look like the crew from the village people, intimidating a poor young man – just bizarre and completely unbelievable.

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Whoever wrote the screen play must have sat down and watched every lousy film released in the last 20 years, and mashed it all together, as everything was as predictable as the sun rising. There is nothing in this film that will remotely surprise anyone, nothing.

I don’t know if the director had just read a book on clichés in the movies, but there can’t have been many stereotypical characters he left out.

Save yourself and your friends money, and go and watch one of the other amazing films that are out, just don’t go and see this drivel.

gilbert-noreau commented :

”den of thives” arrives at a surprise. In january, films are usually bad or just there because they could not find another slot. But ”Den of thieves” seems to be a first in the cold month.

Gerard Butler stars as ‘Big Nick’ O’Brien. A ”tough” cop that is never at home, cheat his wife, is kinda corrupt. He gave a TOUR DE FORCE performance. His best in many years. at least since Machine Gun Preacher. Pablo Schreiber (that i did not know much) as Ray Merrimen leader of our ”bad” guys. This Young actor play intellgently and at the same time, he is scared to death. You can feel it in his persona.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. aka Ice Cube son is fantastic. I only seen him in ”Straight outta compton” and so far, 2/2 for me. 50 cent stars as Enson Levoux. His role don’t do much for me. He is not bad nor good. Just a good supporting role. Not overshadowing anybody. He is ok.

Great directing, great plot. 140 minutes seems long but when a film is good like this with good chase sequences. Good heist moments. Good drama. You feel like it’s a 90 min film !! Recommanded. A


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