Reviews Dracula Untold

Reviews Dracula Untold
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Dracula Untold (2014)

In 1442, the Prince Vlad, the Impaler (Luke Evans) rules the Transylvania after serving the Turkish Sultan as a soldier since he was a child. Vlad is happily married with his beloved wife Mirena (Sarah Gadon) and their son, Ingeras , is their pride and joy. When Vlad and his soldiers find a Turkish helmet in the river, he goes with two men to a cave in the Broke Tooth Mountain expecting to find Turkish scouts. However they stumble upon a deadly creature (Charles Dance) that kills the two men, but Vlad succeeds to escape alive from the cave. He learns that the creature is a vampire.

On the next day, a Turkish group of soldiers come to the Castle Dracula to collect the taxes but the emissary tells to Vlad that the Turkish Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) is demanding one thousand boys to be trained for the Turkish army. Vlad unsuccessfully tries to negotiate with Mehmed and when the soldiers come back again to take his son, Vlad kills all of them. Then he goes to Broke Tooth Mountain and meets the vampire. He explains that he needs his power to defeat his enemies; otherwise his people will be slaughtered by the Turkish army. The vampire offers his blood to Vlad but explains what could happen. Vlad would temporarily have his power for three days and if he resists to the thirsty of blood, he would turn back to his human condition. But if he does not resist, he would turn into a vampire forever. Vlad accepts the offer and defeats the Turkish soldiers, but soon he understands the price he has to pay to acquire his power.

“Dracula Untold” is an underrated action movie with the story of the origin of Dracula. This movie has a dramatic and full of action story, disclosed through great screenplay, special effects and music score. Luke Evans is perfect in the role of a prince capable of an ultimate sacrifice to save his beloved family and people. It is funny to see the comment that a vampire action movie does not have historical accuracy. My vote is eight.

I can honestly say that my family and I really enjoyed watching this movie and that’s saying a lot because we all have different interests in movies but this one we all enjoyed. It was exciting and entertaining and would enjoy it if there was another movie to come in the future.this movie caught me from the beginning. Some may hate this movie because it doesn’t base off of the Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. This movie focus more on the legends and stories (that some believe to be true) about ‘Vlad the Impaler’ the prince of Wallachia. ‘Vlad’s’ history is what led to the famous Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. ‘Vlad’ was the original Dracula. But Its just a movie, in which i found vary enjoyable to sit down with popcorn and watch. this movie was awesome in my opinion. but some will hate it and other will love it. in which i can say i’m one of those who loves it.


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