Reviews The First Purge 2018

The First Purge
The First Purge
Reviews The First Purge 2018
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jyttrup1 commented

The First Purge This has to be the worst, most divisive, race-baiting film I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. If I hadn’t gotten my ticket through Movie Pass, I probably would have asked for a refund.

The movie pulls no punches in pushing their political agenda. From the get go they describe this new government as one who comes to power when they’re backed by the NRA through massive donations that they provide to the new political party. Incidentally, the initial purge coincides with the inauguration year of President Trump.

The First Purge
The First Purge

The movie the targets Staten Island, New York as the place where the first purge takes place. The movie then illustrates how every single person of a different ethnic background is either poor, a gang member, mentally unstable, or drug dealers. As the movie progresses you find out that this new government has hired mercenaries to infiltrate Staten Island and start killing any and every minority that they come across. Yes, you guessed it, every single one of these mercenaries is white and is dressed in either Klu Klux Klan garb, nazi-esque outfits, or dressed as police officers. When one of the people working with the government funds out about the ruse, the main baddie explains that America needs to purge the minorities and lower class people from the country, because they bring nothing to society of any value. This movie somehow managed to be racist against African Americans and racist against whites. The movie ends with the protagonists killing all of the white villains, and the leader (who happens to be the drug lord) states that the next step is for them to fight back against the government.

In 2018 America I guess I should be surprised that the most disgusting left leaning agenda is plugged into a mainstream Hollywood film. This film was created to essentially call ALL white people evil and ALL black people as inferior. It’s garbage like this that causes our nation to be more divided every single day. I’ll never watch another one of these trash films again.

mynameiswood commented 

For the record I’m not going to begin this review by defending my score with something like: it’s not intended to be clever, well written, e.t.c. I don’t believe it’s ok to give horror films, like this, a free pass, because they’re geared towards a mainstream audience who don’t want to indulge in to much social commentary, and would rather mindlessly watch a multitude of characters die gruesome deaths.

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With that out of the way… I was pleasantly surprised by The First Purge, to me it felt as if they’d learnt their lesson from their last two installments and decided to go back to basics, a concentrated event that isn’t over bloated by showing the audience multiple different Purge scenarios. Therefore, I found it much more entertaining, because it felt like this one had direction, a real message, rather than being a sizzle-reel of murders with plot tied in just to explain how the characters got from one place to another. As always the action was entertaining and creative, so for the most part there isn’t really anything to complain about there and where former complaints lied, from the other movies, like choice of music, or stylistic choices were also surprisingly great.

I do have a few complaints: The pacing of this installment is slower than the others, largely because there’s the set up of how the Purge began, but it’s noticeable enough to be enjoying. I also found the dialogue very unrealistic and it made me cringe many times throughout the film; it’s very noticeable that the ‘hood’ (black) dialogue was written by someone who has no experience with the way black people in tower block communities, and unsurprisingly it was written by someone who isn’t black them self. Occasionally, a few characters felt generic, with their goals and background/personality, but it was something that didn’t take me out of the experience, so it weren’t detrimental, but it was still noticeable. Overall, my complaints this time round felt quite minor and in know severely impacted my experience of the film.

It was a riot of a time from start to end, and that’s why I’ve given The First Purge a 7/10.

Side Note: My opinions of the movie may be exasperated, due to my expectations going in, and my taste in general. However, one things for sure if you like senseless violence, and well choreographed action, I can guarantee you’ll at least be satisfied by the price of admission.


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