Reviews Hearts Beat Loud

Reviews Hearts Beat Loud
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Reviews Hearts Beat Loud A man manages to survive for 17 years by owning a vinyl record store in a small town in the NYC area. Previous to this, he had a band, and was a rock star wannabe. As his daughter is about to move across the country to UCLA, he coaxes her into their weekly jam session, records one of her songs, surreptitiously uploads it to a social media platform, and finds it becomes an internet hit.

 Hearts Beat Loud
Hearts Beat Loud

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So now his rock star dream revives, as he tries to talk his daughter into deferring UCLA to become a band with him. A factor in his favor is that his daughter would also be leaving her girlfriend in going to UCLA.

This was the closing gala at the Inside Out LGBT film festival. The father-daughter relationship dominated, while the lesbian relationship was incidental. So it makes a good gala film, as it is straight-friendly. But I am not convinced – maybe if the father was selling CDs, not vinyl records, he could have lasted until today.


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