Reviews Hereditary (2018)

Reviews Hereditary (2018)
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Hereditary (2018)

This is a bit of an old fashioned horror movie. Something that plays as a dramatic movie first and then slowly becomes something else. Like “Rosemary” or “Exorcist” but without the high profile clout of those directors. This is two hours of an exploration of family tragedy and grief through characters struggling to cope.

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To say much of this film is to ruin it, so lashing praise onto certain aspects of it is the best one can do. Not to say this is a film with a big twist, it isn’t. Toni Collette is fantastic as is no surprise at this point in her career. All the performances carry their own, including one I was unsure of at first but grew on me throughout — Alex Wolff. The cinematography, rhythms and pacing, sense of place and space, and sound design are all superb and work in conjunction to create atmosphere and dread — like a pit in your stomach that continues to grow and grow throughout. It turns into a genuine nightmare that absolutely worked for me. See it blind, see it as a movie first and foremost (not as a horror show with jump scares), but just see it.

The acting was great and the mood of this movie really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Be prepared to be scared of old people in the dark thats all I will say. One of the best horror movie I have ever seen…It will give you chills , thrills , goosebumps or whatever you expect from a horror movie…. Don’t waste time here buddy….just go and watch it. I am damn sure that after watching this movie you will vote my comment as “helpful”


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