Reviews Incredibles 2 (2018) By IMDB

Incredibles 2
Reviews Incredibles 2 (2018) By IMDB
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Joejoesan commented:

Great fun, but still a bit disappointing (7,5 out of 10)

Incredibles 2 is an entertaining movie. It’s a little bit long (but so was the original), there are some great (action) scenes in it, but overall… hmmm…it’s a little bit disappointing.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because my expectations were far too high? Or maybe the film just wasn’t as good as the first one? I guess I must see it again when it hits theaters to make a final decision.

Incredibles 2
reviews Incredibles 2 2018

Part 2 starts immediately after part 1 ends. Actually, it starts a little before the ending, when that handsome young boy from school accidentally sees Violet Parr taking her Incredible mask off just when the family is about to fight the Underminer. The opening of Incredibles 2, when they chase this villain, is a nice one. It’s filled with action and humour but the end result brings us back to the starting point of part 1: superheroes become illegal in this Pixar town… again.

Out of the blue the family gets an new offer: a rich philanthropist is convinced that superheroes are a blessing to humanity and wants to reinstall them. But instead of asking Mr Incredible to get into action, he chooses Elastigirl. Mr Incredible becomes a housefather who must look after baby Jack Jack, who is just beginning to learn about his incredible superpower. That results in a great scene involving a raccoon.

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The story of Incredibles 2 is mainly about parentship. Yes, that’s a mature kinda theme for a kids movie and grown ups will have some nice laughs. But the young kids? I can’t predict their reactions. Surely, there’s some nice stuff for them too. Both their daughter and older son want to take part in the action as a superhero, but Mr Incredible and Elastigirl don’t want them exposed. Youngsters usually never agree with their parents and here it’s the same story. Kids will relate to that but will it entertain them?

Four things that I didn’t like about Incredibles 2. 1. The villain is the mysterious Screenslaver (great name), who always wears a mask. Unfortunately he isn’t as menacing and diabolical as the villain from part 1, Buddy Pine. 2. Of course Mr Incredible will be back in action. But it takes a long time before he gets the chance to do that. Couldn’t that be a bit sooner? 3. The endsequence is a bit obvious. We have seen it all before. Or maybe we are spoilt? 4.Edna Mode (again voiced by Brad Bird) should have got more screentime (but that’s a real personal opinion)

There is some great stuff in this film. The first action scene of Elastigirl when she chases a train on a high-tech bike, is brilliant. Jack Jack’s encounter with a hungry raccoon is pure gold. But overall? I don’t know. I left the cinema a little bit disappointed. I really should see it a second time.




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