Reviews The Last of Us 2013

Reviews The Last of Us 2013
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The Last of Us 2013

I rate a ton of things on this site all the time, but I’ve never done an actual review. The Last of Us more than warrants one. I’ve never had a gaming experience quite like it. It transcends an average game.

The Last of Us 2013

The story is the meat and potatoes of this game. It will grab you in the opening scene and hold you throughout. You will come to care a lot about the characters and their struggles in this post-apocalyptic world. This game also contains some of the darkest topics ever touched by gaming. I won’t go into any of them but know that it was a bold move and it paid off. Note that this game truly earns its M rating and is not for everyone.

The major reason that the story works so well is because it contains some of the greatest characters ever crafted in gaming. The characters feel so real and they face problems that are all too real. The voice work is as good as any I have ever seen. Hats off to Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie for their exceptional performances. This game has made me a fan of both and I can’t wait to see more work from them.

The gameplay is just as smooth as the Uncharted series, but it offers more of a chance for some variety and stealth. There is so much choice in the route and strategy you choose to take while going through this game. There are times when going guns a blazing will work, but those times are quite few. Stealth and scavenging are heavily encouraged.

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The graphics are possibly the best that have ever graced the PS3. The amount of detail in the characters and the environment is incredible. The lighting, colors, and textures are very strong. There is no way to see everything in one playthrough…all the more reason to return.

This game is receiving near universal praise from both critics and gamers alike. A ton of perfect scores have been given out and they are certainly well earned. This game is a gritty experience the likes of which I have never played. I’m not a person who cries, but I am a thinker. This game has invoked a lot of deep thought since I finished it last night. It brings up a lot of issues and you won’t be able to stop thinking, hmmm…would I have done that or been able to do that? There were times where I said yes and some where I had to say no. That is the true power of The Last of Us. It brings out feelings that gaming rarely succeeds in doing and it will get inside your mind. All in all, The Last of Us is a chilling masterpiece that sticks with you.

I know this has almost become clichéd on IMDb but the greatness of this game has indeed caused me to write my first and only review. The Last Of Us is a unique game which captures the fragility of our social structure and demonstrates the brutality that some people are capable of. Don’t pay any attention to nonsensical reviews by critics such as Polygon’s Phillip Kollar who argues criticisms such as ‘the game isn’t fun’ as it was never meant to be. The world that the game is based in isn’t fun and this has been further emphasised by every trailer and demo that had been revealed prior to game’s release. When playing on normal i felt like almost every encounter could be my last and i was equally terrified by the fact that Naughty Dog wouldn’t hold back in showing just what the consequences of failure are. The game rather than focusing on horror revolves around the relationship between Joel and Ellie and this is masterfully complimented by the score which was composed by two-time Oscar Award winner, Gustavo Santaolalla.

The game-play is reminiscent of Uncharted as it uses the same engine however it is much more down to Earth; focusing on small-scale firefights or stealth to navigate through levels. However, one small downside I found was that the AI for followers/companions would often act obstructive or perform actions like running right in-front of eight people you may have spent 10 minutes sneaking past and for some reason not even warranting a reaction.

The story may be (inspite of some tiny detail over-sights which you may or may not notice as they linger in the back) quite possibly the greatest asset to this game. It is so well structured and directed by Neil Druckmann that it is hard to believe that this was his directorial debut. The game leaves a long lasting impression on you long before you’re even halfway through the game and a series of events in the game leave your jaw hanging and your eyes teary.

The game is well presented and ammo is scarce; helping to emphasise the survival-orientated objective of the game. The multi-player is far from just a distraction as although it could still be a little more refined it has an interesting concept.


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