Reviews Life of the Party (2018)

Reviews Life of the Party (2018)
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Life of the Party This movie had potential, and if you goal is to sit around with a bunch of your girl friends eating Tostitos and doing your nails with a good laugh, this movie is good for this. I feel this movie could’ve been a lot better. First, I don’t understand why Debby Ryan is the second highest billed character in the movie, because her character was pretty much useless to the movie, and it kind of felt like her character was an afterthought, like, “Oh no, we should have another antagonist.” as if Deanna(Melissa McCarthy’s) ex husband and his new boo weren’t enough of antagonists. Debby Ryan’s acting was horrible and, seriously, no one in college makes fun of the mature students. When I was in university, a good portion of my classes were people in their 30s and highers, many of them taking upgrade classes for their careers, and others who just didn’t get it right the first time and wanted to start over, and the younger students didn’t make fun of them for being older. Bullying is a high school thing. Also, when I went to college, I thought I was going to be one of the older students in the class being 24, but most of my class was 30+. Not to mention, if you’re in University to complete a last year to a degree you dropped out of 30 years ago, you’re probably going to apply as a special student, so you wouldn’t be living in Res.(Unless it’s different in USA than it is here)

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Maddie’s friends, their characters did not match with what they were doing. Her friends were socially awkward nerds, especially the one played by Jessie Ennis(Who’s name I forget and is unlisted here). These are not the students who would be hitting up every Frat party and getting pissass drunk. I know it’s a stereotype that college students love going out getting drunk, which is true of a good portion of college students, but definitely not all. Someone like Jessie Ennis’s character who was genuinely afraid of goth girl Leonore, would be the kind of person who is afraid of alcohol and who hates loud, crowded parties.


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