Reviews Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby
Reviews Million Dollar Baby
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Million Dollar Baby What in the world was the Academy thinking?!! Eastwood’s movies get slower and slower, more and more tedious as he ages. At least in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil the tedious pace worked with the storyline. If possible, this was even a worse movie than the over-hyped Mystic River that took a great book and turned it into a chore of a movie to watch.

Million Dollar Baby

And Hilary Swank? All you have to do to win an Oscar is put some mashed taters in yer mouth and try to speak and you’re a great actress? Shoulda been any of the other nominees but her.

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Moving on to Morgan Freeman… Another walk on in a long string of walk ons. For a man with such obvious talent, where’s the beef? Moving on to Eastwood himself… You’ve already heard my opinion on his directing style and now the acting (and I use the term loosely). Clint adds this to a long and still growing list of broken heroes,has beens and other sad sack “strong and silent” types. I personally think he needs to retire from both sides of the camera. At least he didn’t embarrass himself with a nude scene with someone young enough to be his granddaughter again. Uggghhh!! If you have an opportunity to view this movie run, don’t walk, back to the video store and rent a superior film, you know, like Gigli maybe. OK I’m just kidding about the Gigli part.


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