Reviews The Open House (2018)

Reviews The Open House (2018)
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The Open House (2018)

Just a fair warning, there are a couple spoilers in my review. I will make a broad critique and then more in depth critique that contains the spoilers, so if you haven’t watched and actually want to waste your time watching this movie, do not read the latter part. Will say when I get to it.

First the broad critique. The only reason I gave this 3 stars and not 1 star is because the acting from the characters was for the most part done decently well. Not really their fault they had such a bad storyline and stuff to work with. It’s the story itself with absolutely zero plot to it and so many things that just didn’t make any sense that made this movie absolutely terrible. I am a movie buff. It is hard to make me not like a movie. So, if I am rating it bad, it is REALLY bad. I kept waiting for something to happen to tie all the loose ends together and explain the point to the movie and it never did. It just ended with no questions answered and left you going, huh???

Okay, this part will contain a couple spoilers. First off, it was obvious the father cared about the two of them, especially his son, so them having a fight and the mother being like he didn’t care about either of us and all, really didn’t make sense. They had financial issues and arguments, but what couple doesn’t sometimes?

There was nothing that led to her having that argument with him. There was nothing that really led to her actually believing her son would be messing with her like that. The story really needed a bit of a better backstory if wanted to make the issues between mother and son more believable. Then, I thought maybe there was a point to killing the dad in the beginning. I guess the only point was to create some animosity and give them a reason for leaving their home?

Then, it never shows the intruder. What was the whole point to the intrusion? What was the point in setting up the table like they did? The boy said it felt personal, but there was never anything finally showing why someone would have something personal against them. Then, why the heck would the son leave his mother behind when trying to make a call? She had her fingers broken, not her legs. Would have made more sense for them to want to stay together, or better yet, they told the police to check back in the morning. Would have made a lot of sense to lock themselves into an upstairs bathroom or something til the cops came back and found Chris dead with tires slashed.

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You know the intruder couldn’t have been one of the cops or they wouldn’t have been trying to call the cops back. So basically you just have dad dies, family moves, family gets killed for some unknown reason making a lot of stupid bad decisions, friend comes to help in middle of it all and gets killed within minutes of settling in.

All without reason or rhyme. It’s like a slasher film that is just there to bring you gore without substance, only the gore is short lived in just the beginning and end of movie, so not even so good for that. Total waste of time.


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