Reviews Serenity 2005 By IMDB

Reviews Serenity 2005
Reviews Serenity 2005
Reviews Serenity 2005 By IMDB
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ma-cortes commented :

Reviews Serenity 2005
Reviews Serenity 2005

Reviews Serenity 2005 We are in a future mankind when Earth is exhausted , then people have fled to other satellites . A confederation called the Alliance rules the universe with a new order based in the totalitarianism and dictatorship . Dr. Simon (Sean Maher) recuperates his psychic teenager sister named River (Summer Glau) from the claws of a nasty killer (Chiwetal Ejiofar) who pursues them throughout the whole movie . They are saved by the Serenity spacecraft commanded by captain Malcolm (Nathan Fillion) and with misfit crew members of smugglers and mercenaries (Alan Tudyk , Adam Baldwin , Gina Torres, Jewl Stait , among others) . River finds a planet called Miranda and the crew must discover mysterious secrets behind this hidden place ; besides , confronting the cannibal Reavers .

The film displays great loads of action , abundant FX , suspense , terror and results to be extremely entertaining . It begins with a real sense of wonder with stimulating action set pieces illuminating the full-blown adventures of the Serenity crew and winding up into overlong bombastic special-effects when the Serenity confronts enemy crafts with several scenes that have you on the edge of your seat . It’s the following-up from the ¨Firefly¨ series also by Joss Whedom (Buffy Slayer) but more focused , more deeply emotional , spectacular and more exciting than television episodes and , of course , with bigger Budget . Fine and ideal cast , they are the habituals from the series . Most actors performed many of their own stunts , as Summer Glau , a trained dancer, used her dancing skills in River’s two fights , for the second fight the cameraman, who was also a dancer, moved through a gap around the combatants to achieve the movie’s dynamic camera angles . The movie contains a stunning array of technical visual effects by Illusion Arts and with amazing miniature sequences . Furthermore , well executed set design with phenomenal production values . Sensational music by David Newman and colorful cinematography by Jack N.Green (Clint Eastwood’s usual cameraman) . The motion picture will appeal to ¨Firefly saga¨ enthusiasts as well as the neophytes who haven’t seen the previous television chapters . It’s essential and indispensable seeing for Sci-fi buffs , in fact , the film was number one in the US box office . Rating : Better than average , notable.

shadownlite commented :

I was told by many friends and acquaintances that this film was something I “HAD” to see. I am not a huge TV watcher so have never seen the show “Firefly” but they told me that would not matter and I would still enjoy the movie. They were wrong.

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fantastic beasts megashare9

“Serenity” tried to be smart, tries to be edgy, and tries to be witty yet falls flat every time. The acting is very Z-Grade and “Sci Fi Channel Movie” like. The lines try way too hard to be witty and cool but embarrassing to hear uttered by human beings because they try so hard to be “cool/witty/funny” with them, The editing was all over the place and attempted to be edgy but came off as if someone in just randomly edited parts of the film together. The special effects were not special at all.

I spent most the time wondering what the hell was going on, why, and why should I care in the first place. Maybe, if I was into TV shows so bad that they get canceled, I would watch all the “Firefly” episodes so that I would know what was going on in this film. Unfortunately, I doubt that would be fun and I can think of millions of things I would much rather do with my time than sit through any of the TV show.

I know there are some almost rabid fans of this movie and the TV show Serenity. I am not knocking you in your fandom of this show. I just don’t think a wide section of society would find this film interesting at all and that it was made for the small fandom that surrounded the show. So, fans of the show, enjoy the movie, just don’t expect others to instantly like it unless they are into cheesy, Sci Fi Channel, movies.


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