Reviews Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Sicario: Day of the Soldado
Sicario: Day of the Soldado
Reviews Sicario: Day of the Soldado
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Karen Simonian commented

Sicario Day of the Soldado  I bet, when you first saw Sicario 2 trailer on December 2017, your thoughts was “WTF I just saw!? Why did you even try to do a second part SONY?” Honestly for me first film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, was an amazing work with enough tension and cruel realism of modern days, great music composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson , and freaking awesome cast. But now I am still asking, why for God sake, are you even tried to make sequel, if there is not enough premises for that. Well, I must say all Trailers for Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado looks brilliant. Honestly they look like Mr.Sicario Day of the Soldado  Villeneuve work, but at reality, you can felt “his style” only before and during Action scenes. Both characters performed by Josh Brolin and Benisio Del Toro has more screen time and probably this is main positive moment, because we can understood more about how their mind work and what are their beliefs and missions. Female character in Day of the Soldado was seriously downshifted compared to the first movie, and I must said Isabella Reyes role, performed by Isabella Moner, is a little bit not understandable for me. During film she is transforming from “bad-ass self-confident rich school girl” to the “cold blooded poker-face witness of crime”, and probably(FAN THEORY – AHEAD) will be recruited by US military in third movie as a new Sicario:)) Music. Jóhann Jóhannsson – may his soul Rest In Peace, did an amazing work together with Hildur Guðnadóttir. Their score is something that keep your eyes always open and increase your heartbeat. Cinematography doesn’t give you anything new. Many of shots are completely the same as it was in first movie. No, it looks good, but only if you didn’t see 2015 Original. Script. Oh man, it is the same!! Like in the original movie we see 2 lines. Main line – where we meet with our heroes, their goal and what are they doing to reach it. And the second line where we see desperate young men, from the “other side”, and his way. While first movie was focused only on Mexico, relationships between DEA and FBI, Cartels and of course Benicio Del Toro character, second film “return” to Mexico theme, but under the prism of terrorist bomb attack in US. Human traffic, Border control, Cartel, US Military, Mexico Federal Police – everything like in the first movie. Maybe Soldado has few more actions scenes. But it doesn’t change anything. SONY has decided to create franchise after 1 successful film, with the same style, theme, and almost the same script. Only audience can decide does this newly created franchise has right for a life or this experiment is one big mistake and it’s better to stop using same templates and create something new.

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Sicario Day of the Soldado
Sicario Day of the Soldado

keistenberg commented :

The first SICARIO is, in my opinion, a perfect movie. I love everything about that film. DAY OF THE SOLDADO, while being a solid movie, is pretty disappointing.

There are great things in the movie. The directing, cinematography and score are all on point (just like the first film). The action scenes are intense and effective, and even the scenes in between had me interested. The setup and introduction to the mission work pretty well, and you feel the weight of the situation. But unlike SICARIO, SOLDADO doesn’t nail the motivations of the characters. Benicio Del Toro’s motivation is just a continuation of the first film, but this time around it just felt weak and lazy. In the beginning of the film, they make it pretty clear that Josh Brolin is an absolutely terrible human being (even more so than in the first film), so I could buy into his motivation of just wanting to do bad stuff a little bit more, since it felt very consistent with the character while also doing something different than the first film.

SOLDADO never has a good sense of direction. It loses its focus about halfway through, and just becomes a series of scenes that don’t really mean anything when weaved together. The way they used Isabella Moner’s character was underwhelming, and the way Del Toro’s story continued was also a little dull.

The best part of this movie by FAR, is Elijah Rordiguez who plays a younger guy, trying to get into the whole crime scene. He is a very talented actor, and I liked how his story intertwined with the rest of the stories. His scenes are the ones that have the most purpose and soul. Generally, the movie lacks a lot of soul.

SOLDADO is not as deep or disturbing as SICARIO. The story is not as satisfying or focused, but there is greatness in the film. I’ll repeat: the directing, cinematography, score and acting are top notch. It’s never dull – it’s actually pretty riveting throughout – but SICARIO had such a great atmosphere throughout, and left you (or me, at least) really disturbed. SOLDADO never goes to those lengths, because it doesn’t have that sense of purpose. But still, a solid film.


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