Reviews The Strain (2014–2017)

Reviews The Strain (2014–2017)
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The Strain (2014–2017)

I wasn’t paying much attention to the show while I put it on the background and doing my own stuff. Same-o-Same-o bullshitting from Elph and Nora, and his ever-annoying brat son. Good thing Dutch and Fet are hooking up, though. A lot of “Oh-Really?” type of history from old Abraham. I wasn’t too happy, but did not feel too disappointed either, given how bad it was from season 1.

And then, I realized that, in that show, the world has become aware of the infestation of Vamps, all zombie type of thing. And the US government sent in 200 national guards. Wuuuaaaat? It’s not an ALL-OUT WAR?!?! 200?!?! And people are still allowed to walk around the city like nothing happened? No curfew? Business still open, shops, restaurants and stuff? Nobody is trying to bolt out of that damn city??? And I turned off the TV. W.~T.~F.~ Seriously.
I gave this show a 7-star rating when i first reviewed it few weeks ago. Now with finale came and gone, I am compelled to delete my previous review, and now it gets a 3-star.

It was somewhat enticing watching the pilot. 10 episodes later, ehhh, OK. Now, O~M~G! Did you shoot your screenwriter after episode 5? Main characters are from boring-and-annoying to deserve-to-be- hated. Story lines cannot be more inconsistent and ridiculous. More questions are brought up without ANY previous questions answered. And apparently, the entire world is so stupid in the show, that somehow I fee they do deserve to be annihilated by vamps.

First of all, nobody explained HOW the master could kill, or infect, the entire passenger cabin in a split second, without any struggle of any sort. And, nobody explained WHY the seemly omnipotent (during night time at least) master had to use a human to drive him from airport to Manhattan, though he could jump and run like nobody can see him. Nobdy explained HOW did old Abraham know that the Master was trying to sneak into Manhattan, and nobody explained WHY destroying the coffin is an effective measure against the master.

Oh, this Eldritch dude can just walk into a highly ranked federal official’s office and throw her off balcony? Don’t they have some kind of surveillance and security there? He thought nobody saw him or what? Are they trying to make fun of current White House security melt- down?

Of course there are more than one “masters”. I just wonder, why are they (three of them) strapped on a cargo dolly-cart kind of device (oh yeah, like Hannibal)? From earlier episodes, you see these hooded vamps killing infected people and you kinda know they are not in-sync with the then-only master. But I was just puzzled that why do they need to hire a human, when they seem to have seemingly very effective ways of killing other vamps.

Reviews 47 Meters Down (2017)

And yes somebody screwed up the internet and people in Manhattan cannot get online easily. But there are other people OUTSIDE of Manhattan. And there are HUNDREDS of people missing and nobody is suspicious of anything? Nobody questioned that? And you think NSA will just let the communications/internet down because it is ONLY Manhattan? In the last episode, the good guys launched a short hijacked TV broadcast alerting others about the invasion of vamps (which led to Eldritch throwing the official off building to preventing her from starting a quarantine of entire island). Maybe not a lot of people saw that when it was broadcasted. But come on! This entire world, if 1 out of 7 billion people saw that and recorded it, this short video will go viral 100 times bigger than Uncle Psy’s Gangnam Style!!!

There are so many small details in the entire season makes me want to jump into the TV and kick the crap out of the stupid and arrogant Eph. Nobody, OK, maybe except Fet, is likable in the show. I’d rather see the master prevail and put on a bloody killing spree on them. Better than watching these morons fighting each other like 2-year olds fighting over a chewing toy.

The only reason I am still giving it a 3-star, is I want to see how the turf war goes between the Master and the Ninja-vamps going after him.


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