Reviews Superfly 2018 By IMDB

superfly 2018
Reviews Superfly 2018 By IMDB
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Hellmant commented :

Superfly 2018 A remake of the classic 1972 blaxploitation crime flick ‘SUPER FLY’, about a career criminal who gets into a lot of trouble with both corrupt police, and other more ruthless drug dealers. The movie stars Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Lex Scott Davis, Jennifer Morrison, Brian F. Durkin, Jacob Ming-Trent, Kaalan Walker and Esai Morales. It was directed by Director X, and it was written by Alex Tse (who also co-wrote 2009’s outstanding ‘WATCHMEN’). The film has received mixed reviews from critics, and it’s also performed very modestly at the Box Office as well. I enjoyed some of it (quite a bit), and other parts of it not so much.
superfly 2018
Youngblood Priest (Jackson) is a young and experienced coke dealer, in Atlanta. He’s had multiple violent confrontations with other gangs in that area, and he really wants to change businesses. Priest travels to Mexico for one last big score there, and he runs into problems with dangerous cartel criminals there as well. He also begins being harassed by vicious corrupt police, who cause even more bloody problems for him.

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The movie is kind of routine and uninvolving at first. It’s also really slow-paced for the first half of the film. Then it really picks up actually, and becomes much more interesting in the second half of the movie. None of it is great, or classic of course (like the original), but there’s actually some pretty memorable scenes and characters towards the film’s conclusion. I especially enjoyed Jennifer Morrison as a corrupt cop, and a scene involving a cartel boss punishing her own son (it’s disturbingly memorable and classic)!


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