Reviews Supernatural 2005

Reviews Supernatural 2005
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I have seen many episodes of this great show and they get better all the time. For you who have not seen many or only the Pilot, you have seen that only David Nutter is involved but there is now in every episode Kim Manners/John Shiban who were very deeply entrenched in the X-files, that is why it has that great lighting and feel about it. I am the generation that you seem to think will be left out a “baby boomer” and just love it, I think that a lot of us will appreciate the show more having had the X-files for years and I would love to get the DVD boxed set of the first season as it is one of those shows that you find just another thing that you missed the first time around. It will get to audience of that I am sure as the X-files first season was a slow pick up and it just went from better to the best.

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I am glad that they do have the two guys Dean and Sam playing off each other as that makes it a little lighter in parts, but Dean always seems to have the right comeback as one of the comments said, they made a throw away line about Mulder and Scully, I have found throughout the episodes there are quite a few lines like that, not necessarily about them but other small things that hit a nerve at the time that is why I must get the boxed set as soon as it hits the deck.

The quality of the acting and lighting and also the story lines so far are far above the “Buffy” teenier types, as I am not in that category and look for quality and look forward to this show only improving with time. Go Dean, (Jensen Ackles) We are up to the episode Shadows and it looks great, just the right amount of mood and they get to meet their father again, it will keep you glued to your seat, as I said it only gets better.

I have been a fan of ‘Supernatural’ for 5 years now and the series is still as awesome as it first started. It is about two brothers, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester’s journey to find their father in the first season. From there it goes through fighting with the ‘yellow-eyed demon’ to Dean going to hell in the third season and then my most favourite season 4 when Castiel enters. Castiel passes through every demon shackle spell and drawings in the whole building and comes to Dean to say ‘I am Castiel, I am an Angel of the Lord’. You wouldn’t believe the chills that gave me, the hair on my skin stood up. The 5th season is about the impending Apocalypse, the battle between good and evil with Earth as their war field. The atmosphere this show has is downright chilling and it compels the viewer to get hooked.


Sam and Dean are contrasting characters. Sam is the younger brother of Dean. He is calm, innocent and good-hearted. But, some situations make him the bad guy. Dean is the cool one, he kicks back on the couch with a beer in one hand and a hot chick in the other hand and seemingly doesn’t give a damn if the world ends or not. He is the guy who takes the risks. They con people, do credit card scams and cheat at pool to pay for their food and shelter. But despite their differences, the brothers have an unbreakable bond between them and they will fight till death for the safety of each other. ‘Safety’ being not going to hell after they die. This is what makes them so great, their chemistry is there for everyone to see. Angel Castiel is an excellent addition from the 4th season, he made the show so much more awesome than it already was. The characters make you care for them so much that you don’t want to miss a single moment of their journey.

Dean is a vessel of archangel Michael and Sam is the vessel of the fallen angel, Lucifer. So, now every demon hunter in the country want Sam dead, before he can accept Lucifer’s offer to take over Sam’s body. There are also many allies for the brothers as the series continues. This is a very different show from others as it deals with a different demon every episode and the main story also continues. You never get bored as the special effects are awesome and even the actors who play the demons are very good.

The show isn’t all gloom and doom. In fact, it has many humorous moments. Also it doesn’t hurt when you have two good actors who are also good-looking. I haven’t seen X-files as I was just a kid back when it ended, so I don’t have a yardstick to compare this show to, as many of the IMDb users here seem to compare to. Therefore, I think this is the best supernatural show ever that I have seen. The strong point of the show is also the visual imagery which is a treat for the viewers and the background score. Also it gives real legend stories every episode, like the bloody mary, vampires, zombies, hookman, ghost insects, scarecrows, evil children, basically every legend and scary story you have ever heard and not heard. The car, 1970’s Chevy Impala is very cool.



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