Reviews The Walking Dead

Reviews The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead

Lets get this out of the way straight away THIS WILL BLOW PEOPLES SOCKS OFF. Im not kidding. I know people here are attracted to this genre for various different reasons but i’d like to think we all share some connection when zombies are involved. For me its the post apocalyptic scenario. I don’t particularly need the gore element but it has its place when used well.

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In Darabonts take on the apocalypse, you are there. The world is dead and rotting. The military have lost the battle. You wake up with Rick in this new world and get to explore it with him. Its the exposition of the pilot that will probably put the gorehounds off and lead to some small criticism from others. Personally, i want to see that. I want to know how society responded to the phenomenon.

The Walking Dead (credit: thewalkingdead)

Those who have read the comic books here know that Kirkmans trick is to get you attached to the characters, like you know them intimately, then kill them off. Here Darabont uses the same trick but not how you would expect nor with who you would expect.

Im personally invested in this series already. God knows what it will do to the average TV viewer. Im also not a particularly emotional person but i don’t mind admitting that i was close to tears on a couple of occasions. There you go. I’ve said it. Just don’t tell anyone.

Although I didn’t care for Winchester

I cant say enough about Frank darabont after watching this. He understands what this genre is all about and, more importantly, he understands Romero’s zombie world. The zombies are Roamers and lurkers. They act how they should and you do feel sorry for them. This is explored really well. They are a small threat but in groups all riled up and hungry. Well, you know the rest.

The score is also outstanding. Very understated but poignant. The cinematography is worthy of a movie and the camera moves a lot. I cant recall any shaky cam which some people here seem to despise.

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Kirkman, Darabont and AMC have come up with the series we have been waiting years for. Long may it continue, and you know what? I think it will. The balance is perfect between a horror film, TV show and intelligent drama.

Oh and btw. Keep getting people onboard with this. Co workers. Non zombie lover friends. Anyone. They wont think you’re weird. They’ll thank you. The Lost crowd are going to lap this up.

I’ve seen all the episodes, and will still watch. I tried to watch Fear TWD, what a pile of garbage. I liked the earlier TWD. Then it started getting very soapy, emotional, nonsense. How many times do we have to see and listen the Rick tilt his head, with his fake somewhat Georgian accent and tell us some fake intense garbage. Nobody speaks like this. It’s just too much.

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I liked the Governor episodes. There was some intense scenes in the past. But the literally cartoon characters at this point is just too much. What the hell is with the King nonsense? And his tiger? The Garbage People? The priest? Eugene, with the intellect babble? Negan is entertaining to watch. But again he’s character is unreal. UNREAL! What the hell is going on. I know it’s a TV show about zombies, but dialogue and actions should be as real as possible. This is a cartoon show with cartoon characters with cartoon viewers.

While I still find some value is some scenes, most of this is garbage. The acting and stories are miles ahead of Game of Turds, but that’s not saying much. I will continue watching but only after I turn my brain to the channel of cartoon.

Suggestion to producers: Please find some real life characters, dialogue and actions within the zombie theme. Need more intense suspense.

I adjusted my rate – I rated The Walking Dead Season 1 to 4 a 9 and they are imo still epic and most inventive material for a TV-show. With a second season wasted on the the governor the decline began and with Negan it reached an all-time low: Carl now is dead but I did not care one flinch anymore, tbh, the episode felt overstretched and plain boring.

Imo, it is not to blame the character of Negan, as other reviewers state, but the total fail to give us an impression of the (highly addictive) “TWD-feel”. This could be whatever movie about families at war in a cowboy movie, this could be something like a movie about a civil-war in a nation x, it could be an alien-invasion, it could be whatever stuff with some fractions shooting at each other:

amount of guns and ammo – no limits, gasoline and material for the cars – no limits, food – no limits, manpower – no limits, clothing, medicine – no limits, the conclusion: somewhere nearby some Wall-Marts reopened 😉

The outcome of this careless story-line: a total bumbum balabala all the time. This is about war and ego-clashing not about a apocalyptic zombie-infested world. And I don’t give a damn about Alexandria, it’s a boring affair.

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My advise: return pronto to the core, or shut down the show and maybe start with a fresh cast and listen to the audience and learn from your mistakes of TWD and FTWD. Money enough for a fresh start and a new milestone you should have by now.

Rate for season 8: a straight 2 and no more. As the last 3 seasons are not very good my overall rate dropped from 9 to 5. I mean, common some years past since we watched the last really good material.



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