Reviews Z Nation 2014

Reviews Z Nation 2014
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This show delivers what fans of the zombie genre want to see and it doesn’t pretend to hide it; -Quick action. -Lots of zombies. -Constant danger. -No safe hideouts. -Having some FUN in the apocalypse. This show keeps the survivors active and running. Stories take up an episode, instead of a season, meaning they may lack in depth, but give more satisfaction per episode. With challenging obstacles, the characters are smart as you would expect of survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

 Happy death day

ore-known names like DJ Qualls and Harold Perrineau (1), together with a lot of fresh blood. In this show we see better dialogue between a guy and a dog than other shows create between a father and son. Characters are diverse to keep interest, but aren’t forced. They get enough screen time as their own, instead of supporting roles.The show pokes a bit of fun at the zombie genre by creating zombie- babies, zombie-dogs, runners, and floaters, which keeps the blood pumping.

I am struggling to decide if this is the worst written and acted show to ever make it to cable… or if the program is the product of a think-tank of insane genius. I genuinely found myself laughing out, half-a-dozen times, as I wait in anticipation of the next cliché, twist, stupid one-liner and dialogue. Time after time, I am not let down. And it gets funnier… and funnier. Like flipping a coin and getting heads 8 times in a row… each consecutive flip, getting more and more interesting as you know its bound to be tails.

The show is so horrible its good. 5 minutes into the first episode I knew it was junk, but I kept watching. By the end of the show I was surprised to find that I honestly enjoyed it. I can’t tell if they’re intending it to be funny like Zombie Land, but the acting, dialogue and situations are so stupid it’s great in a memorable Army of Darkness kind of way. If this show makes it, it will be because of how bad it is. I can see it gaining a cult following for these reasons.

It’s not rubbish and it’s not excellent either. What it lacks in characterisation does not make it unwatchable or unenjoyable. If you expect a good version of the walking dead then you will be disappointed. For a start the zombies are fast moving and there are a lot of them. If you watch it with an open mind and don’t expect class science fiction with brilliant acting then you may find it’s OK to watch and you won’t be bored. Mind you I have only seen the first episode.

It’s like hopping on the zombie bandwagon, and trying to incorporate humor, with shitty special effects, and some of the worst B-Class acting I’ve seen. The script was terrible, not to mention the horrible SFX hidden (sometimes) by cut camera shots, or have a gun firing with no recoil or muzzle flash, which absolutely ruins the immersion (if there was any?).

Obviously this was an entry into the overly saturated ‘zombie genre’ that saw spans of TV shows take on this idea of plagues (some done quite a bit better than others e.g; Helix, The Strain). Not sure why this is getting anywhere close to 5 stars (at the time of rating this), I’ve seen shows 10x better then this that have had the exact same rating. Not sure what demographic this is appealing to, but for me it is literally the worst premiere I’ve watched in a long time.

If you go into this thinking it’s a joke, you might actually get some partial enjoyment from it, but if you’re looking for an actual TV show that has decent acting, script, and special effects, this is NOT the TV show for you.


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