Reviwes Don’t Breathe (2016)

Reviwes Don’t Breathe (2016)
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Reviwes Don’t Breathe

so this movie is at the top of my list for the worst movie ever made. A few movies have been on the list over the years, I do not imagine this one leaving the top spot for a long time.

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The story is that three teenagers try to rob a blind man. That is pretty much it. Now here is why the movie was so absolutely awful. The story builds so that you are not supposed to be rooting for the blind man to kill and get rid of the the intruders, it victimized the criminals instead.

It made me so sick to watch these scenes of the criminals hiding in corners and being so afraid in this mans house with the mentality of “oh my god, he is after us for breaking into his house and trying to rob him, what a psycho! We must do everything we can to stop and kill him!”. How can anyone expect me to want to root for criminals. I have had people try to break into my house and God help them if they ever do because there will be no remorse or mercy for anyone who did anything like in this movie.

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So what do they try to do to the blind man you ask?…they pull a gun on him, shoot at him, smash him on the head with a hammer, attack him with a crowbar and drug him in his sleep…oh and they drug and tie up his dog. What sort of sick world do we live in where movies are released and you are watching young individuals beat up a blind man for over an hour. Seriously!? This is entertainment???

There is a scene where the main pathetic female criminal meets another criminal who has been locked up in the blind mans basement and says “I don’t care what you’ve done, I will get you out of here” Which is hilarious because what could be worse then killing a blind mans child then robbing and trying to kill him after that…but the movie treats this blind character like some monster. Which is actually more offensive than any other part of the movie, why is an older blind person viewed as so gross and monstrous??? There was a movie recently about a pretty deaf woman being terrorized and I felt since the woman was beautiful that the average viewer had an easy time hoping she would survive and kill her attacker….but with this am I supposed to think…’well, he is old and blind, he has wrinkles so yeah, the young pretty intruder should kill him’.

The absolute worst movie I have seen. There is a scene where the blind man is going to inject his sperm into the main female attacker and she says’you monster!’ or something along those lines. Some reviewers said this scene was gross…meh, it is a movie so I did not find it too gross, it is fictional and the main reason it is not gross is because… THEY ARE ROBBING A BLIND MAN! AFTER SOMEONE ELSE KILLED HIS DAUGHTER!!! WHO CARES IF HE TRIES TO RAPE ONE OF THEM…SERIOUSLY THEY SHOT A GUN AT HIM AND DRUGGED HIM, DRUGGED HIS DOG AND STOLE HIS DAUGHTERS MONEY!

Once his attempted semen injection fails they handcuff him to a wall and steal a million dollars from him. What exactly is the moral of the story. ‘It is OK to steal from old blind people because well, they are old and gross and probably smell and we are young, so lets terrorize them and kill them because it is 2016 and like, home intruders are victims too ya know!.


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