Rolling to You: True love begins with a lie

Rolling to You: True love begins with a lie
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Debuting between the summer blockbuster in a row, Rolling to You love story “French Tout le monde debout” simple but very delicate and full of vitality will make you have to “fall heart” several times because can not Bear the cute character of the character.

Honoré de Balzac has the phrase “L’amour est la poésie des sens”. If so, the love story of uncle Jocelyn in the movie Rolling to You is a sweet love letter with full of laughter.
It is said that Jocelyn (played by Franck Dubosc, who is also a film director) is a successful businessman, a well-known playboy or flirtatious young girl and a lazily lazily lovers favorite. One day, this uncle received the news of his mother died and came … the funeral, then thrown back to his mother’s old house to reminisce memories.

Then, while in her wheelchair, her beautiful neighbor Julie (Caroline Anglade) appears. Julie mistakenly thought Jocelyn was a disabled person (when he was sitting in his mother’s car) and introduced himself as a caring person and offered to help. “Stunned” for her gravity, Jocelyn decides to lie to herself paralyzed and was introduced to her older sister, Florence (Alexandra Lamy), a person in a wheelchair.

Jocelyn continued to pretend to meet Florence, and gradually became affectionate with this beautiful, liberal woman. However, as time passed, he faced the price of lying on the door: what to do when Florence discovered the truth because Jocelyn clearly could not sit in a wheelchair forever, he sells sports shoes Also for Uma Thurman’s shoes in Kill Bill!

True love starts with a lie

The whole movie is about the story of lies, each one keeps a secret that fear that if they say, the love they build will shatter. But not so that the love story in Rolling To You become fake, because the lie is only the envelope of real feelings are growing up every day in the hearts of Jocelyn and Florence. When they are big enough, the lurid cover can not hold anymore, that is when both are facing the truth.

Jocelyn did not lie to Florence for wanting to scold her. At first this uncle did not say the truth because he believed that he would be scolded as “fool” that dared to tease on the defect of others. But the closer to Florence, Jocelyn felt attached. He was attracted by her strong, independent nature, in the way she lived and was as brilliant as a flower despite facing many difficulties. Florence gives Jocelyn a sense of self-mastery, which lies to the young women and girls who can not fill.

In return, Florence has long been looking for “a person who looks at her as if she were looking at a woman,” because she had met pity before, had been afflicted by a firefighter firefighters breast cancer, lost faith in love and then longed to be loved. She loves Jocelyn’s romance and passion, love the awkward way he drives his wheelchair to hit the surface just to light her cheeks, the unexpected and romantic appearance in Prague or the party. Night … Florence is not afraid to open up to receive Jocelyn, because she has enough bravery to accept the price of the lie just to be loved again.

Alexandra Lamy is like a little sun in Tout le monde debout. In this actress has a brilliant and consistent beauty that each time Florence laugh, we feel like being warmed by the sunshine summer. Lamy’s character is a woman rising out of adversity, confident in her talents and focused on what she can contribute to society. Seeing how Florence played tennis or joined the symphony, one had to say, “Who does not love this girl?” Alexandra Lamy’s handling of the wheelchair and the rapping of the character also made the audience so convinced that many people wondered if she was also a disabled actor in real life.

As Jocelyn is Franck Dubosc, actor and director. “Rolling” To You is Franck’s debut film, it’s great to see the star’s talent in both the direction and the acting in the same piece. The way that Jocelyn quietly sympathize with the mother among her relics, along with details Florence revealed to her sister about the secret she still carry is two scenes that bring depth to this rather witty film. . Franck made the viewer go from laughter to tears after only a note, with subtlety and conversational dialogue so close that it could be cut to become the secret of French courtship.
The supporting character Julie’s sister is also actress Caroline Anglade proves himself not just a thoughtless sexy cake, but a sister who cares for others. Jocelyn’s stewardess Mary’s assistant, played by Elsa Zylberstein, is a girl who makes the viewer laugh with cute, cute screens. Jocelyn’s team besides Mary also has Max (Gérard Darmon), a childhood friend with no advice where but in return is very enthusiastic. Together, they created bad jokes when Jocelyn’s friends tried to get him out of the mess he had come through.

The subject is quite heavy as the image of the disabled on screen, but Rolling To You is a sweet love story, so sweet you can drown in the romantic scene of Europe from the beginning to the end of the film. Without the appearance of a stellar array, there is no tearful film footage, no tragedy, no big budget to invest, no appearance of superhero or any event of magnitude. , the film is just a slice between the missing people have found each other to make each other complete.


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