Shock with the remuneration of the two starring blockbuster All the Money in the World

Shock with the remuneration of the two starring blockbuster All the Money in the World
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The difference in remuneration of the lead actors makes not only fans but also other Hollywood stars are not surprised.

 Michelle Williams và Mark Wahlberg
Michelle Williams và Mark Wahlberg

After Kevin Spacey was eliminated from the blockbuster All the Money in the World following accusations of sexual harassment, the actor’s role was replaced by Christopher Plummer. Shortly after, all the cast and crew had to quickly return to the movie scene for 10 days to make the movie debut on Christmas Day on the original schedule.

According to USA Today, Mark Wahlberg was paid $ 1.5 million for the shootings, while his colleague Michelle Williams received only $ 80 ($ 1.8 million) in film fees. one day – meaning she received less than $ 1,000 during the 10 days of filming. This information comes from “three insiders but not publicity”. That means Williams, the Golden Globe-nominated actress for her role in the film, earns less than 1% of Wahlberg’s 1971 film paycheck.

Last month, director Ridley Scott told USA Today the cast came back for “free”. “Everybody comes to work without paying,” he said. In fact, both Plummer and the film crew paid extra. The budget for the return is $ 10 million.

However, news from USA Today said that while Wahlberg was negotiating a large fee, Williams was not informed about this. The Washington Post reports that Williams will receive a fraction of Wahlberg’s remuneration and that his actor and manager are “very well known in Hollywood for negotiating. “. Wahlberg was also named the highest paid actor in the film by Forbes magazine in 2017, earning $ 68 million in just 12 months.

Representatives from Wahlberg, Williams, Scott, WME, Sony and Imperative Entertainment declined to respond to requests from USA Today.

This news really created a shock, especially after the dominance of Time’s Up action at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. This is part of a series of actions to promote gender equality in Hollywood, in addition to supporting women against sexual harassment and actress Williams is a supporter of the campaign.

Prior to this, Williams shared with USA Today about returning to the film: “I say that I am always available wherever and whenever they need me. My remuneration and holiday can all be given to them, whatever they want, because I appreciate the efforts of the crew. ”

The movie’s paychecks have attracted the attention of celebrity actress Jessica Chastain, particularly in the entertainment industry. Chastain talked about Williams on his personal Twitter: “I heard my colleague was paid $ 80 a day in comparison to his million-dollar number. I really hope that when everything is publicized, she will be paid fair compensation. She was very good and excellent in the movie. ”

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

All the Money in the World revolves around the kidnapping of John Paul Getty (Plummer), the billionaire John Paul Getty, in 1973. Williams plays the mother of John Paul Getty Third, Wahlberg plays a former CIA agent who will investigate the case. The film debuted in the US on December 25, 1977 with a production budget of $ 50 million.

Some pictures in the film All the Money in the World

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