Skyfall – Uncritical admiration

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Skyfall – Uncritical admiration
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The image that a typical Bond Movie evokes is one of glitz with hot women, sexy cars and cool gadgets.. how many times have we seen that and wanted more of the same…who wants to grow up?

And if that is what you are looking for…Skyfall may not be your poison. I went with an open mind wanting to see what Mendes wanted to convey .. the new genre of 007 movies with Daniel Craig have a different feel …personally I love them….but Skyfall is in a different league. Casino Royale was an apt beginning…..portraying young vulnerable Bond at the start of his career…

Quantum of Solace fell slightly short of expectations….but Skyfall has a new dimension . It’s time for both Bond and Bond fans to mature and introspect… which I suspect is the reason why it did not curry favor with many. Sam Mendes has lent a depth to Skyfall, either not perceived or not to the taste of those who criticize.

The opening scene has the usual high impact drama in Istanbul and Daniel Craig with his oozing machismo so very well fits the role… despite an older looking Bond, the appeal is immense..A breathtaking train fight, an inadvertent shot by his own accomplice under the orders of M (who has her own desperate compulsions as the Spy Chief ) and the plummeting of an injured Bond far below …predictably into deep waters…

Of course 007 has to survive…and Skyfall then is the journey and survival of a not so perfect Bond in a real world… It is the tale of mind winning over matter.. of will, wit and grit over wear and tear.Problem is that when it comes to Bond, most rather prefer exciting fantasy to sombre introspection..

The frustration of failed tests and the pain is well conveyed by Craig with his haunting eyes and expression… don’t we all know that feeling?.. honestly the breezy nonchalance of the Roger Moore Bond used to be annoying to me.

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Today’s Bond though is in a real world… with its despairing uncertainty and danger …yet “made weak by time and fate” ( how brilliant to make M quote these lines of Tennyson) and in a catch 22 situation…and how does he deal with it? Bond’s foray is a lesson unto us. What appeals is that he is a doer, an action man, not one after power , but dispelling his duties , however difficult or absurd that may be , unquestioningly with a passion and will power that overcome his disabilities….

He says he knows everything to be known of fear, that at once dispels doubts of the foolhardiness and cloaks his daring in admirable light …and Craig is so convincing.His devotion to M hint at the emotional side to him…

Although portrayed as a substance addict and womanizer, what is contrary is that he loves each woman with a passion and sincerity that leaves the woman happier than she was.. and no false promises… qualities that do not conform to the dictionary definition of the same.

The villain is played to perfection by Javier Bardem … he steals the limelight at times…his resentment against M has a pathos to it.. you cannot entirely dislike him . M on the other hand has a darker aspect .. the ruthlessness with her agents, but her softness for Bond also manifests. Skyfall has characters with shades of gray… but Bond steps out from the shadows and stands tall ..making the choice of facing death every day, yet enjoying Life with a passion and energy, at times reaching the doorstep of death, yet choosing resurrection and duty… a modern Sisyphus.

Bond lives life full without looking back…Bond lives in the present moment…and so is alive every minute….if only we all could do so… Seen from this viewpoint, I don’t think Skyfall can disappoint,it touches somewhere deep and restores faith….

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