Smiling the dead can not be “ridiculous” in Deadpool 2

Smiling the dead can not be “ridiculous” in Deadpool 2
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Smiling the dead can not be “ridiculous” in Deadpool 2

Finally, the audience around the world has also had a reunion with the guy “swamp” specializing in breaking the hamlet in the neighborhood Deadpool 2. Only “out” for a week, the film has set many records and received Number of praise from the fans. However, there are also many fans who are regretting that the characters that “wave” the trailer is expected so much, now have a flashy performance and go out-of-the-candy.

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1. Principal of the Essex School – Causal result is true

Essex House’s henchman was found to be testing mutants in children. The brutal treatment is also the reason that Russell hated him. In the final scene, although Deadpool has spared him death, but like the so-called “karma”, he is still Dopitting the death-row taxi on the spot.

Những nhân vật chết trong phim Deadpool 2

2. Bedlam – Die because of crash into the bus

The most entertaining scene of Deadpool 2 must have been the presence of X-Force. Wade Wilson recruited a group of superheroes with special abilities but then let them sacrifice in vain.

Những nhân vật chết trong phim Deadpool 2

Bedlam, who has the ability to manipulate the electromagnetic and other senses, is a promising newcomer to X-Force who turns out to be amateurs in a safe landing and ends his life after slamming into a the bus.

3. Juggernaut – dead in the state of two legs are bound, the wire “hangs” on the butt and kicked into the water.

Juggernaut is a surprise villain in the movie. He was Russell “body” to go to kill the principal of the orphanage Essex.

Những nhân vật chết trong phim Deadpool 2

While Deadpool and Cable are struggling with him, Colossus arrives “for Deadpool” and is also being eaten. At that moment, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and girlfriend appear, using electric juggernaut strapping. The battle ends with the Colossus throwing the wire into Juggernaut’s butt and kicking him down the fountain, causing him to be thrown to death.


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