Space Cop – Could have been great

Space Cop movies
Space Cop movies
Space Cop – Could have been great
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I’m sad to say that after all the anticipation, Space Cop is fairly underwhelming.

It seems strangely uneven, unpolished. And most disappointingly, it’s formulaic. I’d hoped for something wittier, more off-the-wall, more creative based on RLM’s previous work.

Space Cop  movies gave me nothing to think about — the clichéd plot points, double entendres, tired set-ups, bad models / costumes and archetype characters aren’t there to be subverted or analysed, they’re just there.

The music works very well, the sets are solid, there are lots of laugh-out-loud moments scattered through. But it’s not confident in itself. It feels rushed.

Space Cop
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The script in particular feels like a first draft. Motivations and relationships shift wildly from joke to joke – it’s hard to understand what we’re supposed to think of the characters or how Space Cop in particular is perceived by the others.

Sometimes the tone is so muddied it’s tricky to tell if a moment is going for humour, tension or drama.

At one point the movie slows down so we can watch a striptease and take long, lingering looks at the actress’ body. I kept waiting for the punchline, but amazingly it seems to just be there for titillation.

There are highlights. Rich Evans and Jocelyn Ridgely are funny and do very well in their roles. Mike Stoklasa appears to be deliberately hamming it up, which often doesn’t ‘fit’ with the other actors but is enjoyably tongue-in-cheek in itself.

The ‘real’ actors and cameos vary in skill but most are solid and some are great. Len Kabasinski of all people absolutely cracked me up. This movie could have been great.

Overall, Space Cop comes across as either lazy or stumbling. Mike, Jay and Rich have a lot of talent and creativity, but only some of it made it through the filming process on this one.

Source: chrisnbuchanan – imdb


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