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Suicide Squad Putlocker
Suicide Squad Putlocker
Suicide Squad Putlocker – Watch movies online Free
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Suicide Squad Putlocker – Watch movies online Free Full HD. I’m gonna start this review by saying that Robbie was good,some corny lines,but she was still good, Leto is good for the amount of screen time he got,definitely will be a great Joker if he gets more screen time the next time he appears,and if you have to know,he’s not better than Jack or Heath,but i liked his performance,some choppy editing,the Batman cameo was amazing,i loved Croc as well.

But the best performance is by Will Smith as Deadshot and Joel Kinnamann as Rick Flag,they absolutely killed it,the villain was weak,Amanda Waller is a boss,the mid credits scene is also very cool,the movie had me on the edge of my seat,while not a amazing film,it’s still very good,i think that this’ll be the first DCEU movie that will get good reviews,and also the soundtrack is great.

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First off, this can’t be looked at in comparison to The Dark Knight because these are two very different stories in the Gotham Universe. People going into this with that mindset might be disappointed. I know this was more based off the 2011 Suicide Squad comics which I don’t mind. I found it odd Deadshot got the spotlight as more of a “main character” type. It was something I could dislike easily because she’s usually quiet and menacing in the background. Will Smith ended up playing a great Deadshot. As much as I love Harley, Joker steals the show. I love the classic cartoon Joker and he played it brilliantly.

Suicide Squad Putlocker Review

There’s some good character development and the writing was more funny than I expected but DC is just so dark all the time I felt like it enhanced it. It’s funny but in a dark twisted way in the comics. If I had to say some negatives…

I don’t like the shaky-cam action fight that are way too zoomed in to see anything. It was tolerable and there were some great action movie moments. However because they had character development, it allows the audience to care more about the fights/action.

You can have a good character piece with bad action cause at least you care about what’s going on. Bad writing or bad character presentation with great action will not get the crowd to have a reaction. But I wouldn’t go as far as calling it bad.

However the editing was terrible. I heard they took this movie into a focus group who knew nothing about movies or proper story structure for that matter and let them dictate what happened to it. David Ayer did a great job, don’t ruin his work through editing. I’m reviewing this based off what I saw in his original idea. The movie would get a 9 if they didn’t change it.

Suicide Squad Putlocker
Suicide Squad Putlocker

I can’t really judge it on a typical movie goer scale because I go to see the comic book movies for a reason. When they get it right, it’s gold. I don’t mind a few changes if they positively affect the overall outcome. This movie succeeded with that. I’d highly recommend to comic fans.

I had heard that the reviews for this film were less than stellar so I was not sure what to expect. The reviews for Batman V Superman were not so good either, but I enjoyed that one and I am happy to say I enjoyed this one too. In fact, I thought it was more enjoyable than Batman V Superman. Suicide Squad Putlocker very great!!

I cannot explain why, but it just really worked for me for some completely unknown and strange reason. Perhaps, it simply worked well with the myriad of mental issues I have and it blended well to form some sort of connection with my warped brain. I just do not know, but I am glad I enjoyed it as I took a gamble to see it in theaters and I would hate to shell out money for tickets and not like it.

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Not only did I like it, but the other two people I was with enjoyed it as well. It was not without its problems, which is why I give it a nine rather than a ten, but most of the issues are in the opening portion of the film. Once the squad is together and in the field the movie is off and running and it is nearly nonstop action the rest of the way.


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