The Assignment – Artistic and very much ahead of it’s time!

The Assignment 2016
The Assignment 2016 (Source:
The Assignment – Artistic and very much ahead of it’s time!
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Overall this is a must see movie and terribly underrated. I don’t have attention deficit disorder and was able to find awesome entertainment in this piece of work.

When I saw her (Michelle) beautiful face, I had to know her taste in scripts and how she held up to being queen of her own scene. Truthfully, I found it well ahead of it’s time with plot, make-up, set design.

First, there is Michelle who is so beautiful, no make-up would make anyone believe she’s male-which made the movie soo juicy and riveting as a strong actress who faced this gender thing as oppose to the many many many men who do the same.

Hence, “Eddie Redmayne Plays Transgender Woman and Pioneer in New Film— See the 1st Photo of the Oscar Winner in Character!” (Heller, 2015) I hope more of these roles are invented as more people will be interested with other than identity crisis

Secondly,the plot led and held us thrill seekers by portraying a gun slinging hit person, who obviously didn’t have an identity crisis or crying spells throughout the movie.

Third, Both leading ladies weren’t there to fight f__king aliens or race cars. Mrs. Weaver can keep anyone entertained with her the marvelous acting skills and someone’s superb writing abilities.

The Assignment
The Assignment

Rodriquez held my attention with her agenda and how she would conform into her new identity while avenging her enemy. At the same time both women face life struggles with sexual and social awareness’s/awkwardness.

Finally, Less is more. Rodriguez did not need to pull off being a man or a woman with make-up or mannerisms though well done, watch the Assignment online for free that was the beauty in the entire movie attuned with her talents and skills.

Mrs. Weaver’s arrogance and brilliance along with Rodriguez’s compassion for her girlfriend.

Yes, I have some constructive criticism-Elements that lead to a revenge type plot where this is typical in any movie, but adding more symmetry of the hit-man’s background that was spoken in Weaver’s therapy sessions could have given more foundation to Rodriguez’s character-therefore giving the audience more scope, relations, and sentiment towards Rodriquez.

Source: simplythebest – imdb


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