The Belko Experiment – An Interesting But Flawed Horror Experiment

The Belko Experiment movies
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The Belko Experiment – An Interesting But Flawed Horror Experiment
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A group of Americans and other foreign Nationals have been hired to work for a multi-national company in Columbia for a company named Belko.

The Company offers housing, a car, company credit card and great benefits so people are more than willing to sign up even when company policy mandates that any foreign workers must get a microchip to help track them in the event of a kidnapping.

In the new film “The Belko Experiment” audiences are taken on a psychological thrill ride about what happens when corporate life takes a nightmare turn.

Michael Milch (John Gallagher Jr.), heads to work one morning and finds that the local employees are being sent home by a new and very stern faced and heavily armed security force.

One in their modern high rise office, he and his other workers guess it is some sort of security drill and nothing to worry about. His boss Barry Norris (Tony Goldwyn) claims to be unaware of any changes and what is behind them but promises to look into it.

When the building’s security shutters unexpectedly close and all communications go down, the staff thinks that it is simply another security drill or a test.

The Belko Experiment
The Belko Experiment (Source:

However a voice over the communication system tells the workers that they must kill two of their group in thirty minutes or suffer the consequences.

The group thinks this is all some kind of prank until four people drop dead from the implants in their head which also contain an explosive.

Factions soon form as people are unsure what to do next and whom to trust. In a nod to Lord of the Flies, we see what happens when conventions of society break down and how people often revert to a base and brutal nature for survival.

When the mysterious voice then tells them that 30 of the group must die or 60 will be killed, the stakes and the action really kick into high gear.

The film is at times brutal but not as gratuitous as other films. What it does well is mix characters that many might be able to relate to so you can find yourself wondering how you would react in a situation like the one presented.

As the body count and tensions rise, the characters do become a bit like cannon fodder as we are not given enough to care about their survival.

The film was written by James Gunn who said the idea came to him in a dream. Gunn is clearly busy with his work on the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series so Director Greg McLean directed the film and has created an interesting film that does borrow from other films, as it does bring to mind “The Hunger Games” and “Cube” but it does deliver a good dose of escapist entertainment.

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