[Review] The Changeover: Escape the body but not escape the shadow of the novel

[Review] The Changeover: Escape the body but not escape the shadow of the novel
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The Changeover review – Adapted from Margeret Mayh’s European comic novel, The Changeover is expected to feature a thrilling, thrilling story set for viewers. However, The Changeover is not really successful despite many points worth praising.

Category: Horror, psychology

Director: Miranda Harcourt

Actor: Erana James, Melanie Lynskey, Benji Purchase, Timothy Spall

The film revolves around Laura Chant (Erana James), often referred to as Lolly. She lives with her mother Kate (Melanie Lynskey) and her brother Jacko (Benji Purchase) in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. After the father left, her mother had to work to take care of and feed the whole family, so Lolly was responsible for taking care of her younger brother.

In a careless way, Lolly missed out on Jacko. Following Blacky’s cat, she found her brother in the same old man. Being a psychic, she immediately discovered the strange place and must immediately bring Jacko back home. Unfortunately, under the seduction of the mysterious man, Jacko handed over his seal. Both of them did not realize that it was they who entered the fight with an evil force that had existed for thousands of years.

Knowing that he is facing a dark force, which is longing to take over the body and soul of his little brother, Lolly finds out to Sorensen Carlisle – his classmate and his wizarding family with the desire to help. But it’s not as easy as people imagine because they are confronted with a soul that has existed for centuries and it is not something that can be easily defeated.

On his brother’s rescue, Lolly discovers her hidden powers within her. But that means she is alienated, stigmatized and the people she loves pushed to the same step. To the end, the isolation surrounding her, and no other way, she must be strong enough to overcome all the challenges alone.

Lolly’s eyes and expressions are so obsessive, especially the pain, helplessness, and determination that are shown in her face in the face of extreme circumstances. Erana James succeeded in bringing the character out of the book. A warm Lolly with heart full of love but also very brave and strong. In addition, the character of the freaky man by veteran actor Timothy Spall show also bring a lot of emotions and fear is very hard to describe to the viewer.

The film is pretty dark. The angle of the machine is reasonably able to portray the beauty of wild nature, beautiful but dark to the extent that scary to create the effect necessary for a horror film. In addition, most of the footage is taken at the very place where the story takes place in the novel that more or less bring a unique, unique nuance to the film.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the film was closely followed, the story is not as attractive as the novel has done. Everything from scenes, pictures, and performances are all sequels, but lack the original details from the script to astonish and make the audience attractive. The Changeover has a good story, but unfortunately the director has treated too normal and monotonous so the film is only average. Especially for those who have been fascinated by books, the movie will be very difficult to satisfy.

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