‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ – a colorful cinema party

The Grand Budapest Hotel full movie
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ – a colorful cinema party
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‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ – a colorful cinema party

Director Wes Anderson has dropped his rich imagination, soaring into a career breakthrough.

The film takes place somewhere in the fictional country named Zubrowka in distant Eastern Europe, a mountain range called Alpine Sudetenwaltz. At the bottom of the mountain is the beautiful town of Nebelsbad, lying quietly by the pines. At the top of the mountain stands an ancient building, with pale green tiles and pale pink walls. The Grand Hotel Budapest “was once famous, thoughtful and picturesque”.

The Grand Budapest Hotel full movie

Inspired by the works of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, director Wes Anderson continues to create a bold, novel film that exploits themes and genres that have never appeared in his filmmaking style. . The Grand Budapest Hotel, as its name implies, is actually a “big” work in the director’s film career.

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If you just look outside, it is easy to see The Grand Budapest Hotel is literally a film labeled Wes Anderson: filled with detailed frames, rich in color; personality character is built clear, separate; The film circuit follows the familiar choreography structure and is always busy laughing.

But instead of going straight to the story as usual, the director proactively recounts the “story in the story”. Not one, but three interlocking stories, like a multi-storey hotel. Corresponding to each “floor” is a different frame, representing a certain period of history takes place in the film.

From the first floor, Wes Anderson takes viewers to the fictitious Zubrowka Republic. On a snow-covered road, a young girl walks to the monument of an unnamed writer named “national treasure”. As usual, she pulled out a key in her coat pocket and hung it on the statue, next to the many other available ones, then flipped through his novel.

The next scene took viewers back to 1985, when the great writer was healthy enough to tell his story. The frame fell from 1:85 to 1:80 to indicate the change in time, then went on to 4: 3 and stopped at 2:35: 1, also at the writer’s arrest. head.

The Grand Budapest Hotel full movie online

It is said that when he was young, during a visit at the Grand Hotel Budapest, he accidentally meet and get acquainted with Mr. Zero Moustafa – the owner of the hotel, who was the richest Zubrowka once. Enthusiastic about the works of the writer, Moustafa offered his dinner invitation and agreed to tell his story to him.

From here, the position of the storyteller was swapped, the time went back to 1932, when the battle broke out in Zubrowka, The Grand Hotel Budapest was at its peak and the boy Zero Moustafa had just arrived. Working as a lobby boy. Although much of the story is about Zero’s time in Grand Budapest, the central location belongs to the hotel’s predecessor, Gustave.

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Style change is probably unbelievable for Wes Anderson, who is a die hard man from putting the camera on to the way it is done. But with The Grand Budapest Hotel, the biggest difference in his storytelling is the reduction of the frame space. The entire story of Zero, which is also the main content of the film, was shot in 4: 3 mode – the standard rate of old black-and-white movies. This setting creates a sense of nostalgia at the moment of the story, and allows the director to display his fine artistry perfectly.

The lens is always in a fixed state with the axis symmetric in the center. The way to move the camera also follows the 90 degree orbit, 180 degrees; either in parallel with the character’s movement, or upside-down to the ground; Zoom in, zoom out to millimeters.

The classic frame dancers are vibrant, vibrant colors like a new and old interference. Much of the film was filmed in Görlitz, a small town in Germany, bearing ancient European beauty with ancient buildings and snow covered white sides of the road. On that background, Wes’s meticulous presentation, arrangement of context, from the dishes placed on the table, dress and shape of the character, to the article, text, talent. … carefully prepared, care a bit.

The music by Alexandre Desplat also contains a total of 32 songs, each with a separate rhythm. All this makes the footage of The Grand Budapest Hotel appear to be both magical and close, like a children’s photo book, or a fairy tale Andersen came out from the big screen.

Not just proportional composition, the selection of actors also follow the principle of equality with 18 different secondary characters. In addition to familiar names associated with Wes’s previous films (Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman) are new faces for the first time collaborating (Saoirse Ronan, Léa Seydoux, Jude Law) The light flashes in the film as guests make their way to visit the hotel Wes created. The two main characters are also the twists between a seasoned Ralph Fiennes, as Gustave, and Tony Revolori are still strangers to moviegoers, but has played Zero as a child. before star cast.

Family elements become important lines connecting the main characters in the previous works (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited), are no longer in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Neither Zero nor Gustave had a clear background. Gustave is portrayed as a middle-aged Don Juan, often flirting with and overflowing with wealthy, old-fashioned and affectionate blonde women. The selection criteria for women show that Gustave is a very well-behaved person, and agrees to “break the rule” so that Zero, a boy without a family, no relatives and with him, is uneducated. Any experience – to work for the hotel.

Gustave is also an interesting metaphor that Wes Anderson has for himself as he continually breaks the rules he has set himself up for so long. The Grand Budapest Hotel follows the typical rhythm of humor, but the movie’s flares start with a crime-wrecking event, a subterranean air of unprecedented kind in Wes’s works. .

The sudden death of Madame D. (Tilda Swinton), one of Gustave’s many mistresses, becomes an excuse for him and Zero to leave the Grand Budapest, joining in on a new adventure. Wes also mixes the sentimental feelings (between Zero and Agatha) and recreates three classic Hollywood action scenes (escape scenes, skiing and shooting scenes), in a separate style.

The principle of symmetry is also applied in the way of building scripts. If in the previous works, Wes’s character or odd or mischievous, bad guys if there is only play a supporting role, the Grand Budapest Hotel distinguishes two distinct good good evil. Adrien Brody plays the son of Madame D., with her minions attempting to harm Gustave, winning her mother’s fortune. All of Zero and Gustave’s events are divided into four regular sections, nestled between two wars in Zubrowka. The “story in the story” to help the film before the match fit, open and clear.

After a series of grinning laughter, Wes filmed with a little spice of sadness, as to balance the viewer emotions. “Zubrowka free water is officially no longer in existence,” the image of the Grand Hotel Budapest in its heyday is now in the imagination of young writers. In front of him now is the hall without a shadow, in the dim light as a sad and lonely scary to scary. The world is unlikely to have existed, sometimes “has disappeared long before he set foot in,” said Zero Moustafa shared. But in order to enjoy the old, dreamy beauty, sometimes there must be an imaginary fantasy, such as Wes Anderson and Gustave.


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