The Mountain Between Us – A Thrilling Romance

The Mountain Between Us 2017
The Mountain Between Us 2017 (Source:
The Mountain Between Us – A Thrilling Romance
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First of all, this is not a bad movie at all. It demands that you sit, that you enjoy it while it gives enough time to digest what is happening and the beauty of the intimidating setting.

Gorgeously photographed and very well acted by its two leads, we’re treated to an old fashioned “survival adventure”. Instead of giving us fast and “unbelievable” set pieces, we keep on growing to learn who these people are, and that there’s a possibility things might go either way. Time goes on, and things do happen here.

Two people meet in an airport, charter a plane, and have some bad luck when their pilot is unable to take them to their destination and crashes high on the mountain, killing one and injuring the other two.

Now, it’s a matter of survival, and it’s very convenient that one of the survivors is a doctor. It becomes apparent from the beginning that these two strong people will have some friction as they figure out how to stay alive, Watch The Mountain Between Us movie online free.The electricity they generate keeps them alive as they discover ways to overcome some of their obstacles, and soon we start to notice the chemistry between them.

The Mountain Between Us
The Mountain Between Us (Source:

There are thrills in the movie, involving some wild life, the inclement weather, some bad decisions, and some interesting twists along the way. Elba is a quiet and strong type who thinks before he acts and who is dealing with a personal crisis. Winslet is a impulsive type who is not afraid to take chances, but she might facing some impossible odds now.

Romance blooms amid all the tragic developments, and it might be hopeless because they might not make it after all. Also, there are people waiting for these two, and eventually they have to face reality again.

The last third of the film is as old fashioned as a movie has been in the last decade, and this is where one can see how powerful a good couple of actors can be. Elba is definitely a leading man, and we know Kate is one of the most reliable actresses out there.

Take a chance and spend a couple of hours appreciating a good film that might not be completely original but easily outpaces many of the unsatisfying fare out there.

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