The origin of the mighty superman Thanos

The origin of the mighty superman Thanos
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For audiences who have not had a chance to get acquainted with the original comic book, the identity of the “crazy Titan” is absolutely a big question mark. Find out the origin, strength, and reason why Thanos is determined to pursue the Endless Universe and obliterate the half of the universe.

Last living beings come from the planet of the gods

The origins of Thanos in the Marvel Universe Cinema (MCU) are not revealed much, most of the universe only known him as an intriguing space tycoon. Like DC Comics Superman, Thanos is the only survivor after his people and his planet are destroyed. But if Superman’s Krypton was devastated by the cosmic catastrophe, Titan was “weeded” by Thanos himself.

In fact, Titan is known as Saturn’s moon. But in Marvel comics, it is also home to a race called Eternal. The Eternal possess scientific and magical qualities beyond human understanding, and they are also known as divinities in some of the Earth’s creeds. Thanos is the son of an Eternal family, with his father Mentor and his mother Sui-san. At birth, Thanos did not bring the beauty of holiness as other compatriots. On the contrary, he owns a pale skin, a scaly face and opaque eyes – like devils living among angels.

Not only that, he also possesses the passion of frenzy for death and destruction. It is precisely the childhood of being treated cruelly by his appearance of hatred within Thanos. And then a distant day in the past, Thanos knows the existence of the Death God, and falls in love with her. That love was big enough to make Thanos ruthlessly murder his parents and his clan, only to have his heart broken.

A genius head inside an immortal body

Thanos is a mutant in his own community, not only by his form, but also by his superior intellect and power. From a young age, the crazy Titan has mastered almost all the knowledge of the Eternal, a hand-built weapon of utter destruction. Not only that, he is also the master of dark magic, is a worthy counterpart to the great Doctor Strange sorcerer. Not only that, he also possesses a nearly immortal body, which can withstand most physical and psychic attacks. Thanos’s physical strength is so horrendous that he does not need the Infinity Gauntlet, he can easily defeat the mightiest of The Avengers Thor and Hulk.

Throughout each story, Thanos’s potency is also changed a little. It is difficult to define Thanos’s last limit, only knowing that he has surpassed most of the Earth’s spirits like Zeus, Hercules, etc. Last time, only Thor’s Odin was in a strong state. On the screen, the viewer was able to see a part of Thanos’ power, as he could not still beat Iron Man’s armor. With energy from the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos can “break” the moon like a piece of cake and throw it down to Earth. According to her daughter, Gamora, with Gloves, Thanos can obliterate a half of the universe with a snap of a hand.

Why is deleting the universe so important?

In the comic versions, his motif is somewhat simpler as it only revolves around two words: Love. It was a strange relationship between him and Death, which created a “motive force” for the tyrant to do crazy things. He brought his troops to various planets and galaxies, carrying out the great genocide just to make him happy. However, in most of the stories, Death only responded to him with indifference. This made him mad and thought that his efforts were not enough, leading him to find the Jade Universe to have full control over the universe.

But on the film version, Thanos’s ideal is far more complex. He found that the uncontrolled proliferation of planets would endanger the survival of the entire universe. For the universe to be balanced, half of the “population” has to go is necessary. In addition, it can be seen that Thanos of the film is quite humane, as he always carries the children from the planet that he conquered, and turned them into super warriors.

In addition, Thanos is also the leader after the wire for many big events from the previous, such as the Battle of New York, or the birth of the Ultron robot. It can be said, he is the agent that the Avengers team gathered, and also the ultimate challenge that the superhero to overcome.

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