The villain of “Deadpool 2” is related to the future of X-Men?

The villain of “Deadpool 2” is related to the future of X-Men?
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At the end of Deadpool 2, the audience recognizes the villain of the film as not any character they imagined at first.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe spent the biggest part of a decade to build Thanos’ threat. Now, Fox seems to be setting up his own system. “I think they are untapped villains in the X-Men universe,” Kinberg observes some villains, “and we plan to introduce them to the world.”
At first see the trailer that Cable security is the villain. Watching half of the film, Russell and Juggernaut are the true villains. And to the end of the film, the audience recognizes that Juggernaut is not dead yet and is likely to return. However, some comic-book hypotheses suggest that a character named Mr. Sinister is the true villain who has a real influence on all of Deadpool’s happenings and may be the future of the X-Men. Because this is an underground detail but is closely related to many X-Men films.

Deadpool 2’s true villain, Nathaniel Essex, is a nineteenth-century Victorian scientist in the UK who believes in Darwin’s theory of evolution, though he thinks Darwin and his colleagues still have a grudge against it. unethical in research. When he was studying in 1859, he discovered that humans were evolving to a new level of evolution, and that he considered them “Essex Factors” in the human genome. His doctrine was derided and he was very embarrassed. The death of a son (at that time there were four complications at birth, including bony curvature and blood clots) led him to investigate. He joined several groups, including the Hellfire Club, to find a way to do research but failed. He formed a group of criminals called Marauders, kidnapped pedestrians in London to bring him research. He even dug his son up for testing.

During this time, Essex had contact with the Apocalypse (the Marauders had awakened while he was “sleeping”, unknowingly revealing the outer society to the ancient mutant. The Apocalypse uses his advanced techniques to mutate Nathaniel, and Cyclops and Jean Gray go back in time to prevent this, but in the end, Askani’s Madame Sanctity sends Cyclops and Jean back to the past. Sinister is mutated because he needs to give birth to Cable. Cyclops & Jean also freed Sinister prisoners, two of them (one being a man named Oscar Stamp and the other is a dumb boy named Daniel) later came to live in the United States and married the Summers With the new ability and shape, Essex received the name Sinister, the last word which his wife uttered before dying in fear, because of her fear, she also lost their unnamed children. The first command of the Apocalypse was to cause a disease to kill all the weak Earth but Sinister did not do it for a clear purpose. He made a pestilence attack only on each Apocalypse, making the Apocalypse fall into the “sleeping” state.

For Deadpool 2, Fox implicitly portrayed Mr Sinister’s role through Essex House, where Domino says she grew up there. Some young heterosexuals could not survive the madness of Mr.Sister. Some, like Domino, are lucky to escape. Other children, like Russell, have become victims of pain and wrath, gradually forming anger, anger. And that’s the problem that Deadpool has to deal with during Season 2. In the comic, Mr. Sinister is a godfather that Deadpool and Cable both hate.

Fox currently has two other X-Men films in production, New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Strangely, there were rumors linking both films with Mr Sinister. Maybe Fox has been trying to build a movie universe of its own with an equally terrible sage Thanos Marvel has been “plotted” for more than 10 years?


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