These extreme girl personality in Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3
These extreme girl personality in Pitch Perfect 3
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Pitch Perfect 3 is the hottest music movie of the year with the story of passionate singing girls.

5 years from the date of the series grossing music Pitch Perfect for the first launch, the occasion last year, the group will meets with Bellas Barden audience widescreen in The Perfect Rebellious 3 (original title: Pitch Perfect 3). After winning the World Championship, the team now has the Bellas and step out real life with untold private projects. But none of them really happy with his current job. When the USO or news will host a foreign tour, the Group of her bookworm of personalities decided to reunite once again for the same raise singing on stage.

Pitch Perfect 3

Speaking about the success of the film not only comes to the resounding song, impressive performances but also to mention the personality cannot be mixed in her group’s Barden Bellas. Have to say the characters in the movie have become the typical figure in the film as well as the outside reality. The same point through 5 personality daughter style in The Perfect Rebellious 3.

1. Anna Kendrick as Beca

Is an important puzzle piece in the group not only Beca, Bellas Barden owns a beautiful appearance, which she also owns a sweet voice, full of emotion. Don’t be surprised when this is one of the figures most fan in the film. The image was built for the Beca directed to a girls best financial integrity with independent, assertive personality, and she always understood myself wants nothing and should do.

Pitch Perfect 3

Back around the time when she first appears in Perfect Pitch, Becca was just a freshman she had fairly closed way of life and doesn’t want to make friends with anyone. However, the joining and becoming a part of Barden has changed her human Bellas, help her become ripe and mature. Moreover, the accession to this acapella Group also create unforgettable memories in the life of students of Beca. The days of arduous training, fiery performances and singing the full oranges go that will probably forever is a vibrant youth music for not only Beca but also of other members in the group.

2. Brittany Snow as Chloe

In contrast to her best friends Becca, Chloe has personality. Can not talented and astute as Becca, but Chloe has always tried to devote himself to give Barden Bellas achieve success and goals. Can be easily found in deep down in her hidden qualities first that a leader needs to be able to maintain the relationship between the members and to grow together.

For Chloe, acapella group that she stick is not merely a musical group, thanks to them that she found his true friends, a real family. Although she is a “senior” in the group, but were always Chloe Bellas Barden spurned by his sister and always suffer the harsh words, hurt. After all, Chloe still quietly sacrifice. Have to say that if someone lit fire for both is Beca group, Chloe is the keeper of the flame for it always burn and never a setback shortcuts.

3. Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy

At hearing the name Fat Amy will probably find one thing strange because nobody inherently feel comfortable being called a map stout, fat all. Although the body is a bit oversized, but throughout pitch perfect 2 full movie online free, Amy never showed inferiority or feel shy, timid because of his nickname. On the contrary, she always loved life, always optimistic and positive life, even always full of confidence when the screen breakthrough, show body in the performances of the group. Fat Amy is like a card secret, but each time she appears or she will bring viewers all the surprise to surprise the other in the performance, or is that the audience must sit laughing because the question joking around.

When she gets all the world with exposure of moss and teasing because of mistakes they have inadvertently caused, Amy still felt there unharmed by the time that she was always the sister intimate group Barden Bellas encouragement and sheltered. Together they overcome these difficult times and see if they like the experience of youth.

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4. Anna Camp as Aubrey

Former leader of Barden Bellas group, but the path and direction of Aubrey thinking somewhat unruly and backward when she was faithful to the familiar, does not want to break out and explore new things. Aubrey always believed her acapella group will beat every opponent and other groups only due to a single song, a dance and a costume only single I Saw The Sign. This will not stop only when the group has debated and quarrels occur. When everyone sat back and retreats together, Aubrey realized that she needed to change in order to achieve success as well as the desire that Barden Bellas are aiming – became the champion in the competition capella.

Next to part 2 of the series, this time she graduated from college and is no longer a member of the group activities. Moment that the girl is going on friction and conflict, the emergence of Aubrey as a “sedative”, according to a habit, she became connected the group together through training his stern. Perhaps in rebellion Perfect 3, she will be back with his teammates, and walked again under the lights of the stage and mingle with the songs, remixes great singer.

5. Hana Mae Lee as Lily

In Hollywood movies, the characters originated in Asia are those either very smart, or very different. That’s absolutely true with Lily when she had two different personalities on. She is not a talkative and speak loudly enough for others to hear, but when Lily said his opinion about something, then her friends will correct itself … silence. She is capable of singing, beatboxing and a piece of Barden extremely special Bellas. Along with Fat Amy, the couple always bring humor and laughter to the viewers through the screen and voice as well as his bizarre actions.

In the film, we can easily recognize a girl Lily dick, funny but sometimes incredibly emotional.
In the film, we can easily recognize a girl Lily dick, funny but sometimes incredibly emotional.
Lily does not have too many scenes show, but the scenes with her appearance is always extremely expensive scenes. The immersive trance and finishing Hana Mae Lee’s role has always made its own not moviegoers that both fans admiring compliments and admiration. Lily like a strange wind, one of Barden Bellas new colors and perhaps in real life, everyone has a friend like this girl so.

Not only brings together the colorful musical personality, rebellion Perfection 3 attractive audience by the messages meaning of life through the work interlocked. With the return of actors familiar face from the previous section as: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld … along with some new faces as female talented artist Ruby Rose (xXx: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick Chapter 2 …), actor veteran John Lithgow (Interstellar, Daddy’s Home 2 …), rebellion Perfection 3 promises to bring a menu lively music and the competitions more impressive.


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