Things to know before watching Skyscraper

Things to know before watching Skyscraper
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Continuing the series of successes through a series of blockbuster such as The Fast and the Furious, Jumanji or Rampage, upcoming movie fans will be witnessed the powerful return of Hollywood millionaire Dwayne ‘ The Rock ‘Johnson in the latest blockbuster Skyscraper

Two weeks before its premiere date, the film attracted the attention of moviegoers when on the prestigious Rotten Tomatoes movie rating page, 94% of the voters indicated they were eager to see the movie. In response to this love, recently The Rock has an interview to share something about this movie he is extremely devoted. You can watch movie at los movies

1. Dwayne Johnson as a fierce FBI veteran in spite of everything to gain life for the whole family

Leading the cast in the Skyscraper, global icon Dwayne Johnson will transform into former FBI rescue team leader Will Sawyer. The battle of the past has caused him to put aside his career.

As time goes by, the wounds have healed but also the residuals of code deposition. At present, he has a happy family with his wife and two children with a job as a security expert and measure the safety of tall buildings.

While performing duties at the Ngoc Tower in Hong Kong, the Will Sawyer family fell into crisis when the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly caught fire and surrounded by fire. Will must find a way to rescue his family and those who are trapped in the burning building.

Talking about the character himself, The Rock said, “In this movie I will bring two aspects to the character Will Sawyer. On the one hand is his weakness with the hurt, the other is the courage to try to overcome his difficulties. When the building was on fire, he tried to climb a ladder to jump into the building. That was an impressive scene. For an ordinary person this is impossible, it is more difficult when he has only one leg. ”

Producer Garcia added, “You’ll see Dwayne playing a man with a lot of respect – whether it’s survivor remorse, physical defect, brotherhood loss. and his career struggles. We all like to see him transform and this character is such a turning point. This is probably the most physically and mentally challenging role he has ever performed. ”

2. The film will have the main scene at the world’s tallest jade tower in Hong Kong

After a pause at the FBI, Will Sawyer decided to live a less risky life with security assessments and the safety of high-rise buildings. This work has brought Will to the Tower of Jade, the tallest and most advanced building in the world with a total of 255 floors with a height of more than 3,500 feet.

The tower is located at the edge of Kowloon, on the edge of the famous Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong. Inspired by the ancient Chinese legend of The Dragon Pearl, the Pearl Tower is a lighthouse of prosperity and technological achievement.

In addition, Will’s family had the opportunity to become one of the first residents to live there, to enjoy the most luxurious services in this tower. But it is the height of this skyscraper that causes Will Sawyer always feel skeptical and insecure because: “Tower Ngoc owns the highest structure and advanced in the world. This is a stunning achievement. But if there is a change, no one really predicts what will happen. ”

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3. Dwayne Johnson and the revelations about filming crew

Skyscraper brings together celebrity cast, coming from all over the world. Music producer Flynn revealed, “We’ve got a great global cast. We have Chin Han to Singapore, who plays Zhao. Roland Moller, one of the best Danish actors, plays the main antagonist. We have Noah Taylor, one of my favorite actors from the UK. Neve Campbell is a classic Canadian. ”

“Our two American children, McKenna and Noah, play Dwayne and Neve’s children, and of course Johnson, born in California to an Irish Canadian father and a Nova Scotian black and It is great to see him taking on this character, and above all, we have a new cast, talent, diversity, greatness. ”

The story began in 2006, when Dwayne Johnson talked with director Rawson Marshall Thurber to build on a character he never did on the big screen. Immediately after hearing the script idea, Johnson was immediately involved in the project to take on a role he considered “the hardest and most physically demanding thing I ever did.”

He added: “The link with people around the world is the relationship of the family. Regardless of race, culture, class or religion, the ideology of the family is something that everyone knows. There is something very upsetting when a family is separated and their parents do everything they can to protect their children. It’s always been a special place for us in the Skyscraper and for us to explore this on a movie platform to make it suitable for everyone. ”

The Skyscraper was written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence), while the 3D action piece was produced by Beau Flynn, Johnson and Thurber. In addition, the production team also includes Dany Garcia (Baywatch, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Rampage) and Hiram Garcia (Furious 7, Baywatch, San Andreas, Central Intelligence).


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