Surprise: Thor will meet again “ex girlfriend” in the Avengers 4?

Surprise: Thor will meet again “ex girlfriend” in the Avengers 4?
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Surprise: Thor will meet again “ex girlfriend” in the Avengers 4?

Joe and Anthony Russo, the Avengers directors: Infinity War, implied in an interview that Jane Foster could return to the MCU. The character of actress Natalie Portman will be last seen in 2013 with Thor: The Dark World. Jane Foster is Thor’s “lover” from Thor’s first part, and the Thunder God has admitted that they were “split” from Thor: Ragnarok.

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Actually, the relationship between Natalie Portman and MCU has been a lot of trouble. Thor: The Dark World was a mess and left much of a malaise between Portman and MCU. But Marvel has made significant changes since then, and is currently being run by Kevin Feige. As a result, in February this year, Portman confirmed that she was ready to return to MCU.

When speaking in The Huffington Post, the Russo brothers were questioned about which MCU survivors survived the snapshot of Thanos. When asked about Jane Foster, they refused to answer. “When we said it was a spoiler, it was a potential spoiler,” Anthony Russo said. However, Russo’s comments do not specifically imply that Jane will appear in the Avengers 4, but rather that they will have a big surprise in the upcoming product.

It is fairly easy to understand why Jane Foster can participate in Avengers 4 events. She is truly one of the Earth’s leading astronomers, a scientist skilled enough to detect The abnormalities that take place in the universe. She is also one of the few people in the Earth who have experience of extraterrestrial civilizations. After all, Jane is no stranger to Asgard. That knowledge could turn her into a great force in the battle against Thanos.

In comics, Jane Foster actually had time to play the role of Mighty Thor, Goddess of Thunder. When Odinson becomes unfit to use Mjolnir, Jane takes it up, asserting that “There must always be a Thor.” This heroic act causes Jane to pay quite a lot; She is dying of cancer, and every time she changes into Thor, it reduces the effect of the treatment. In the end, Jane chose death instead of allowing Asgard to be destroyed by Mangog. Fortunately, Odin and Thor have revived her.


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