Top 10 featured role of actor Samuel L. Jackson

Top 10 featured role of actor Samuel L. Jackson
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Top 10 featured role of actor Samuel L. Jackson

As one of the actors is assessed most aggressive Hollywood today, Samuel L. Jackson has had a busy time acting career. With the rapid pace of the film, Jackson made one think he is an actor not very fastidious in choosing roles. However, in the nearly 30 years now engaged cinema industry, he had his pocket for a series of classic films with roles really impressive. Today, we reviewed the role and help Samuel L. Jackson became one of the actors of color power and the most famous of all time.

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10. Ken Carter in Coach Carter (2005)

Biopic is always a category that any other actor would choose to present capabilities. That rule is not out with Samuel L. Jackson, when he assumed the role of coach Ken Coach Carter works.

Work tells of the efforts of Ken Carter to put the basketball high school Richmond became unbeaten but also have cultural knowledge whether this view was criticized a lot, not only by parents but also from the pupil of his beloved.

On the pitch he is the coach, but behind that he was a teacher, a father, Carter understands that not everyone is rich like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaq, Yao Ming or where Nash. “Education helps kids better off wandering the streets and out into … prison.” Many coaches have no need for attention to the education of their players training, because it is really the responsibility of the teachers at school. Responsibility of the coach is to teach sports techniques for players and take them to the championship field, and higher state, country, regardless of moral and educational level of the players. But Carter is a completely different concept, he said that education players fairly, knowing their self-discipline in school, they are also very disciplined on the pitch with full confidence. He will prove the theorem is true,

Samuel L. Jackson was full of vivid reproduction of the image of a teacher, a father has always dedicated to the game even though nobody understands that. From eyes filled with misery and despair to extreme happiness when he realized his efforts were rewarded. All have made an unforgettable performance in the career of Samuel.

9. Valentine Richmond in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Whether it is a gentle and very humorous, but Samuel L. Jackson is very charming with the villain. Interestingly, he finished very well type such characters and make the audience remember him by just that. In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Samuel L. Jackson plays a super billionaire Valentine technology obsessed global warming. Valentine has a dark solution to the problem of the Earth’s temperature, related to the distribution of SIM cards everywhere so people can talk on the phone and texting like. Thereby, he can eliminate all these people. Few actors keep the balance between the villain and who even in movies like Jackson. Each time the character appears to create trouble in Kingsman, he never missed an opportunity to make the film becomes more fun.

8. Marquis Warren in The hateful eight (2015)

Throughout his acting career, Samuel L. Jackson always had a special affection for the works characteristic of Tarantino, whether it is just or cameo roles but in return it back are the biggest highlights of his career. The hateful eight is the last one marked Jackson’s collaboration with this talented director.

In the film, Jackson plays a bounty hunter nicknamed Colonel Marquis Warren. Since childhood, he has been the main discrimination because of his skin color, so Warren has a deep hatred of conviction for those Southern whites. Civil war in the south, Warren excellence kill countless enemies, the war ended, he returned in glory and money. Then due to some bad action, he was fired and became a bounty hunter.

Played by Samuel L. Jackson, Marquis Warren was a man appeared cold, frightening but extremely intelligent.

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7. Mace Windu in Star Wars 7: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

After two appearances cameo in the film The Phantom Menace two parts and Attack of the Clones, Samuel L. Jackson made a screen for re-export Mace Windu spectacular as, who is regarded as the skilled use of the Jedi lightsaber best. Right from the start he was Anakin Skywalker felt (Darth Vader later) does not fit to become a Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn whether (other Jedi knight) wholeheartedly convinced. Later, he was the one who suspected Palpatine (Sith Lord Darth Sidious) problem, and after verifying what you think is right, Windu looking to Palpatine and defeat him but Anakin betrayed and killed by Palpatine

But not appear excessive but Mace Windu was still able to leave a strong impression to the audience with the image of a man intelligence, bravery despite conservative but never bow to the enemy.

6. Zeus Carver in Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)

Smuel L. Jackson has a screen right to life with Bruce to in section 3 of the chain Willis action movie Die Hard series.

In the film he plays Zeus Carver, a shop owner with intense passion to fix things malfunctioning. However the arrival of police officer John McClane alcoholic broke the peace so long Carver and forced him to find a combination with John Simon, before he blew up everything.

Zeus Carver was not a role too difficult for Samuel, but is a very interesting role. When humor is full of improvisation he creates balance to the stressful circumstances in the film and contributed to the relaxed audience.

5. Robbie Ordell in Jackie Brown (1997)

Jackie Brown marked the reunion with Quentin Tarantino since Pulp Fiction (1994). A guy image remains dangerous criminals, but this time he could not make the humor familiar but instead takes sharp cold, ruthless.

Ordell Robbie is a drug dealer named bosses and weapon in Los Angeles. Robbie exuding from dangerous, ruthless somewhat insane. He always frightened those around her betrayal and almost do not trust anybody.

Although cruel, but after all, Ordell Robbie is a miserable, he was always lonely and frightened, deep inside a weak-minded, desperate for the loyalty which he never created.

4. Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series (2010-present)

Marvel Studios made a bold decision to change the color of the character Nick Fury, who is in safe hands with none other than Samuel L. Jackson. Whether shoulder such responsibilities quite seriously as he should how prominent the character and image of the head of SHIELD, but also to bring a personal touch your character so worthy of this change. And not outside expectations of fans, Jackson was smashed all doubt for me to make up one of the most impressive names the Marvel Universe.

Nick Fury is a special character, came to the home of poverty, he quickly realized the ideal of yourself as you become a soldier extremely outstanding and then as head of SHIELD Fury had a question said very famous should also highlight the personality him: “I have killed many times than I can count. I burned the world, tamed the galaxy, deposed Gods. And I did so that none of us knows my name. It is meant to be the Man in the wall. To become invisible monsters keep other monsters on the island. ”

After starring Samuel L. Jackson, iconic character Nick Fury shows up as a pupil intelligent, brave, there is something cold blood while always put the interests held top.

3. Elijah Price / MR Glass in Unbreakable (2000)

Before becoming the MCU is Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson has been involved in a different superhero movie. Only thing this time he participated in the villain role.

In the film he plays Elijah Price, owner of a small comic shop from bone disease got glass, a rare disease that people with extremely weak bones and brittle. With a passion for comics, especially superhero genre, Elijah said that if people faint, light touch is broken, then at the opposite extreme would someone not be “broke”. Because of extreme obsession that he caused a series of murders only to find the right people.

Acting with haunting, Samuel L. Jackson gave onlookers a spectacle extremely excellent. He has successfully portrayed Elijah unfortunate, but extremely cruel, but also pitiful.

2. Stephen in Django Unchained (2012)

People called him poet Samuel L. Jackson is Quentin Tarantino’s, when more than half of this film directed by Samuel’s involvement, whether it is always a supporting role.

In the film, Stephen shows up as an intelligent slave, crafty. He spent his devotion to the white man, especially Calvin Candie – his boss. Stephen always wholeheartedly serve the employer and despise the other black slaves, he said that his surpasses all of them and just behind whites. Until death, Stephen still spend a reverence for his boss.

Despite the aura of the film focuses mainly on Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio but undeniable talent and the role of Samuel in the film, he appeared as an important link connecting everything and who ends it.

1. Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction (1994)

After initially struggling in Hollywood with roles faint, Samuel L. Jackson made a spectacular leap to assume the role of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction super of Quentin Tarantino.

Contents of Pulp Fiction includes the cart before the horse, is a collection of stories incoherent crap but extremely mounts, it breaks down very much the order of the film especially when talking about the world of crime America but absolutely no character line represents the mean side and can not ignore the voice of many stories crap and somewhat dirty.

As for Jackson, Jules Winnfield character though not much appears online and is only a supporting role, but with the ability to transform astounding, he brought the character Jules become classics. Looking to speak of him with Vincent (John Travolta), perhaps no one thought it was a dangerous gangster, cold blooded murder is ready to complete the task. With screen incarnation very wonderful, Samuel L. Jackson has earned his first Oscar nomination for his acting career.

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