Top 3 best films in 2015

Top 3 best films in 2015
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3. The Hateful Eight (Quentin Tarantino, USA)

Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, Tarantino’s film, from film soundtrack, story, character and lines. In particular, Quentin Tarantino has always excelled in building dialogue for characters, both humorous and bold in the United States, both impressive and attractive. He has been demonstrating that he is one of those directors who dares to touch sensitive topics that ridicule violence and racism.

As the background of the story is a big blizzard, so the intentions of the eight characters in the movie are misleading, they include bounty hunters, and junkies, trying to save a member. is being arrested by a bounty hunter, and happens to have another sheriff on duty, the same old general who was involved in the American Civil War.

Since then, conflicts and surprises have come to an end, by telling incredibly intelligent cameraways and humorous, intimate conversations with the people of the western United States, mischievous, stirring, horror, amazing. Continuity is pushed high, then bursting with violent, violent B-movie violence does not scare the audience, but only bring great entertainment.

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Quentin Tarantino is not a big fan of cinema, one who knows how to put his favorite movie into his movies to create a cinematic, entertaining, but not dramatic, Highly stimulate the passion of the audience. The Hateful Eight, once again, makes us regret the intention of stopping in his 10 films, as he has repeatedly stated, will stop at number 10 in his directorial career.

2. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Roy Anderson, Sweden)

The last of the trilogy on Roy Anderson’s “The Man Made”, the Swedish director. The film is drawn from a long, weird name, like a post rock reflecting on imaging, contemplating existence in human life.

The film does not have a specific story, it is like extremely fragmentary pieces are assembled not to follow an enemy. There, we cling to the image of old men selling new toys. The images introduce the product repeatedly. In it, a scene is extremely impressive, full of contrast and paradox. Two men want to sell things to help other people laugh, but when a woman accidentally see, afraid of terror, scream and run away.


The old man was dull, emotionless. The film is an insensitivity in a strange shade of context, designed especially impressive.

There is no story, slowly, the characters are old and seemingly boring, so the film does not bore us, it makes me excited and watched, because it is weird, unique, there is no one. Second, Roy Anderson is just as memorable as any other director. The movie is full of paradoxes, ridicule and surrealism. Space is sometimes blended to make us vague suspicion or real time of the scene is going on.

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1. Son of Saul (László Nemes, Hungary)

As a genocide film by the Nazis, Son of Saul, the Hungarian director’s first film, László Nemes, has a completely different look. That is how the director used the evil background to tell a story full of humanity, full of precious qualities that thanks to humanity can survive in hell on earth as concentration camps of Germany in the world. War II. Using a narrow angle to blur the background, the camera follows the protagonist, on a journey to find a Jewish priest, a man capable of praying souls for his son, whose protagonist Suddenly discovered while cleaning the pile of dead bodies in the gas chambers.


The direct expression of the naked corpses lies, overlapping, but the horror is always there, in the film, on the face of the living, as if hell just came to this. only.

From there, in the place where one must try to find a way of living, a father confronts his own conscience to choose, or fulfill his duties as a human being, father, a son and so on could endanger the same people caught with him, or ignore him, continue to do the work of clearing his corpse to carry them to burn them.

The movie is full of energy, rush and tempting. With Géza Röhrig acting as Saul, the audience is fully able to understand the end of the world, and there are people in every aspect who can choose between living and living. .


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