Top 3 similarities and differences between the live action version and the animated Justice League

Top 3 similarities and differences between the live action version and the animated Justice League
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Top 3 similarities and differences between the live action version and the animated Justice League

1. Superman Status

Justice League 2017 follows the story of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman died after the death of Doomsday monsters, causing the world to fall into chaos. Under the scary power of the evil god of Apokolips, Batman decided to use the power of the Mother Box reborn Superman.

In the original script, Superman is revived by Steppenwolf with a Mother Box to transform the steel man into a powerful killing tool. Lois Lane and her mother Martha are on alert, Superman is out. Illusion, join the league defeat Steppenwolf.

This is quite a series of happenings in comics and animation. Superman is still alive and is trying to stop the parademons from attacking Metropolis civilians. He hits the Omega Beam unconscious, being taken to Apokolips for brainwashing. Batman silently followed and rescued Superman, returning him to normal status.

2. Origin of super hero Cyborg

The Cyborg (Victor Stone) character that audiences grasp through the watch justice league war 2017 is a young genius, a potential rugby player, but a catastrophic auto accident struck him severely. . In order to save Victor, the father of the scientist uses the power of the Mother Box to recreate the lost parts, turning him into half-man, half-machine. In general, the Cyborg origins in both parts of the film are similar, with only a slight shift in the timing of Victor’s accident.

In New 52 with War 2014, Victor arrives at S.T.A.R Labs to visit his dad right at the time of the earth landing ammunition from the legions of parademons. Unfortunately, a Father Box explodes near Victor to open the port of movement, causing 70% of his body to permanently damage. After being saved by his father, thanks to the connection with Father Box, Victor easily access the New God database system as well as clear the path of the Apokolips. He volunteered to join the alliance and warned everyone of Darkseid’s plan of invasion.

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3. The real villain

Instead of the Steppenwolf expedition next to the movie version, the main villain in Justice League: War is the tyrant tycoon Apokolips, super villain Darkseid. Owing to the blood of the most powerful Old God, the indestructible body, unlimited endurance, the ability to destroy the Omega Beam, the Darkseid has become a threat not only to Earth but also to Earth. All the worlds of his occupation. Even the alliance of justice can only use the goddess to hurt his eyes and then hard to get rid of Darkseid Apokolips.

Another interesting hint from the original content that Justice League 2017 would have added to the segment of Darkseid killing Steppenwolf after the shameful defeat at Earth and intended to appear in the next episode related to the joint Intelligent. However, before the box office situation is not very good, it will take a long time for people to have the opportunity to admire this evil man displaying power on the big screen.


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