Top 5 extreme power of infinity gloves that Thnos owns

Top 5 extreme power of infinity gloves that Thnos owns
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Top 5 extreme power of infinity gloves that Thnos owns

The fight against the Pirates and the completion of the Gloves was the reason why Thanos did not elaborate, even personally invading the Earth.
Before the launch of the MCU (The Marvel Universe Cinema), The Infinity Gauntlet – The Infinity Gauntlet appeared in the original comic book. Just put enough 6 Infinity Stone into gloves, the owner of it is Ty Thanos can wipe out half the universe with just a snap shot. That is what everyone knows, but that is not the most feared possibility of this treasure.

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1. Moving the universe

Marvel built his comic world based on the idea of ​​”multiverse” – with many universes in parallel, each of which has a different reality. Prior to the Secret War, Earth-616 and Earth-1610 moved near each other and were at risk of collision.

To solve that problem, Captain America had to use Infinity Gloves to push them apart and temporarily delay the collision. The glove was seriously damaged soon after.

2. Giam holding the universe entity

Thanos’s possession of Infinity Gloves has been considered by many cosmic entities to be a serious threat to their existence. A group of Eternity, Galactus, Master Order, Lord Chaos, and other powerful entities have combined to stop the madman Titan. Unfortunately, they were detained by Thanos in a cosmic energy prison with the help of Gloves.

3. Omnipresence

Omnipresence is the power to distinguish between man and god. Infinity gloves allow its owner to be present everywhere at the same time, and no whisper or creature can escape the ear. Any plot against the owner of the gauntlet is detected and prevented.

In a Christmas event, Santa Claus is having trouble and has to temporarily borrow the power of the Infinity Glove to deliver the gifts in time. But when he uses it, he is deformed and forced into a super hero to defeat.

4. Turn the master into the universe

Infinity gloves can transform a person’s image to a certain degree, depending on his or her ability to control it. Thanos used to constantly improve his strength, overcoming his body’s endurance. This led to his energy enveloping the universe, merging with this infinite space.

5. Divide the soul

In the stories revolving around Armor, Adam Warlock always plays an important role. Wielding the power of a god, he is able to deter Thanos’ plot.

Having possessed the Invisible Gladiator, the superhero accidentally breaks the Good and Evil from the soul, making them two distinct entities: the cruel, cruel Magus with the benevolent Goddes, charity ( but is dangerous later). And these two entities always bring trouble to Adam Warlock.


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