True story about the soldiers in “12 Strong”

True story about the soldiers in “12 Strong”
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Chris Hemsworth and 11 Hollywood action stars will break through the big screen with the war movie “12 Strong.”

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In January of this year, Chris Hemsworth and 11 Hollywood actresses stormed the big screen with the 12th war-themed movie. The film is adapted from the best-selling Horse Soldiers, based on a true mission of the US Special Forces in Afghanistan.

The story is true in the history of the 12 American soldiers on horseback

12 Strong set the scene just hours after the September 11, 2001 attacks, killing nearly 3,000 people. Once identified as the terrorist group in Afghanistan, 12 of the elite’s most well-rounded men have been ordered to travel to unknown land carrying the nation’s security burdens. over shoulder.

The task of this task force is to defeat the Taliban in their own country, while millions of Americans are crying for their loss. These are the first soldiers to participate in the war on terror that continues to this day in America.

The 12 Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha 595 was given a top secret mission consisting of two parts: Combined with the Afghan army and eliminated by the Taliban. Lieutenant General Mulholland, one of the members of the task force, said there was a shortage of equipment and information needed to prepare for a fierce battle. They must familiarize themselves with the equipment available and try to understand everything possible about the strange country of Afghanistan.

The soldiers read all the information, including in the magazine. Because there are no military maps, they have to use tourist maps instead. Shortly, the special forces gathered all the knowledge of 100-year-old ethnic strife in Afghanistan for combat. Through the little research they have, they must analyze and judge who can become their allies.

In order to adapt to the desert battlefield, American soldiers never trained on horseback learned how to become real cavalry. They took over the confidence of the Afghan insurgents and stood side by side with the local soldiers. During the war, 12 US troops and local troops were overwhelmed by the Taliban, but vowed to fight to the last breath.

The process of bringing historical story to the screen

In order to make sure the 12 True’s films are as authentic as possible, the crew invited two members of the legendary task force to the studio to personally direct and inspire the cast. Lieutenant Robert Pennington (on film by Michael Shannon) and Lieutenant Colonel Mark Nutsch (Chris Hemsworth) spent three days working with the crew.

In the opening scene of the movie, actor Michael Shannon has a crisp tone at the time immediately following the September 11 attacks. The Oscar-nominated actor found something unreasonable and consulted two veterans. Immediately the two historical witnesses thoroughly explained to the actors about the tense situation then and the next day the script was altered appropriately. Actor Michael Shannon also referenced his true example of how he carried his arms, his way of riding and other actions in combat to make his character come true.

And the result of working hard is the movie that makes the characters themselves are satisfied. In an interview with ABC after the film’s release in the United States, the heroic soldiers commented on the cast that successfully demonstrated the spirit of the Special Forces soldiers on the 12th.

In addition to ensuring the authenticity of the movie, 12 Strong also deserves to be a catchy action thriller. At the beginning of the film, the explosive effect was invested by the film crew to enormous portrayal of the dangerous and fierce battlefield. The film follows the footsteps of a group of 12 soldiers through a series of fierce confrontations with enemies on the mission line, especially the impressive battle scenes on horseback.


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