Turns out 25 secrets about harry potter

Turns out 25 secrets about harry potter
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Is the Harry Potter series the story you love? If you are a loyal fan of the Harry Potter story, do you really understand the story around it? Did you know that the Harry Potter series has something to say that will surprise you so much!

When the Harry Potter series was filmed, what was so special about the content created by JK Rowling? Where is the inspiration for JK Rowling to make a thriller and attract so many people around the world? With the truth that we unveiled below will not be shocked you startled to know that brooms and books are associated with the children of Muggle children?

However, maybe the Harry Potter series has come to an end and there are parts of the story that have been adapted into the movie and you’ve seen it, but the resonance of the story takes place in it still smoldering. How are we as wonderful as each child? And each of you has a different taste, people like to watch movies because they have read the story already, and vice versa who want to watch movies because he has read the story already.

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Now that you read the secret to open the secret fun here! Now read it, wait for it!

1. Harry Potter – Twilight

In seven sections, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkanban” is the most successful episode, bringing in over $ 90 million more than the most successful movie in the Twilight series.

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2. How to understand the character?

In order to truly understand the three main characters, director Alfonso Cuaron asked each of them to write a short essay about the character he would play. As a Hermione, Emma Watson wrote 16 pages about the character she played, Daniel Radcliffe wrote an A4 page on Harry Potter, and Rupert Grint did not even write anything.

3. Concerns about truancy

When “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was released in the UK, the publisher asked all stores not to sell them until the school was shut down to make sure the students did not skip school to buy the book. Harry Potter must have a great attraction to children in the world.

4. Horcruxes

Forty versions of Salazar Slytherin’s famous chain have been designed to ensure that Harry and Ron have failed to destroy them during filming.

5. Honey-o-ni

People often have trouble reading Hermione’s name, so Rowling is clever enough for Krum to pronounce her name in episode 4 “Hary Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.

6. Home Cup

The name M.O McGonagall was engraved on one of the Quidditch trophies in season one, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Was Professor McGonagall ever a former Quidditch player? Surely that is why she is always enthusiastic with the sport.

7. Flying car

One of the Weasley Flying Cars used in the movie “Hary Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was stolen. Oddly, the car was found after seven months thanks to an anonymous phone call informing the police of its presence.

8. The boy is greedy

While filming for “Hary Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” Tom Felton’s Hogwarts uniform was stitched out of the bag by the guy just dropping the food into his jacket pocket to eat.

9. Kissing Scene

During the kiss scene between Harry and Hermione in Ron’s destruction of the Horcrux at the end, the producer had to cut the scene with Rupert Grint, because he was always in a state of laughter. picked up the mouth

10. Impressive

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Harry Potter, is that JK Rowling from poor mother became billionaire just by writing books. Harry Potter has brought her success and popularity all over the world.

11. Wow!

More than 400 million copies of Harry Potter books have been translated into 67 languages ​​and sold worldwide in 2008!

12. Dementor kiss

Prisoners, Azkaban guardian ghosts, are the embodiment of depression and the fight with the dementia is based on Rowling’s own struggle with the disease.

13. Trouble beard

Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid, had a rather difficult situation when he met a small boy who was trapped in his thick beard.

14. The Badass Prisoner

The idea for Sirius Black’s tattoo in the third part of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” stems from symbols used internally in the Russian prison. Signs to recognize that is the capital of the whole detention.

15. Superman thrillers

Tom Felton was originally intended to play Hary Potter and Ron Weasley, but he was eventually cast as Draco Malfoy. Tom Felton must have been a pretty boy with this movie.

16. Unplanned incident

While working on the second installment of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” there is a funny story going on outside the scenes. That is, then most people, from child actors to director aides, to filmmakers, are visited by unwelcome guests, no one else is the lice brother. Although quite annoying but people still try to complete the role and consider it a memorable memory.

17. A bookworm

Hermione’s image in the series is probably her childhood portrait of JK Rowling. In the story, she wrote Hermione’s guardian as an otter, which is also the animal that Jowling loves.

18. He-not-called-out

Unlike people think, the “t” at the end of the name “Voldemort” is silent. The name comes from a French word meaning “flight of death”

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19. Fun Casting Character

Rupert Grint at Casting plays the character Ron Weasley dressed up as a drama teacher at his school. And more specifically, that day, he even composed a rap for Ron. “Hello, I’m Rupert Grint, oh yeah, and I wish you would not think I’m stinky.” That’s the first rap of your lovely Ron

20. Secrets from the botanical garden

Rowling said the inspiration for the name “Hogwarts” was taken from the name of a small tree she had accidentally caught in a New York City botanical garden.

21. “Spoiler Alert”

Only Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape, is the only one who knows the fate of his character before “Hary Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is released, and Rowling himself reveals to him. this.

22. J.K. Jusk Kidding

The publisher suggested that Rowling should use her non-real initials, “Joanne Rowling,” for the purpose of engaging the readers. She chose the first name “JK” by borrowing the “K” in her grandmother’s name “Kathleen”. Therefore, “Kathleen” or “K” is not the official name of Rowling. And “JK” is Jusk Kidding, just kidding

23. “Bear’s head”

The character Ron Weasley in the original is really a kid swearing. However, the publisher decided to make Ron “slightly” gentle in the books published to suit the audience. Do not know the Ron version is a little “bear” like the original is like the boy Ron that we know not

24. Believe it

Actress Mytle Whore is actually 37 years old when she joined the second part of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. She is the oldest actress ever to play a student at Hogwarts.

25. Date of birth

Harry’s birthday is July 31, 1980, and Rowling’s birthday is also July 31 but 1966. Is not coincidence?


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