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Marrowbone (2017) User Reviews

Marrowbone (2017) Four young siblings living alone in a big old house are plagued by a sinister presence which may or may not be real. I...

The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox It's no mistake now that the team behind the Cloverfield series is simply purchasing films that are already shot or written and...
Space Cop movies

Space Cop – Could have been great

I'm sad to say that after all the anticipation, Space Cop is fairly underwhelming. It seems strangely uneven, unpolished. And most disappointingly, it's formulaic. I'd...
Super Dark Times 2017

Super Dark Times 2017: Life Before the Internet

Super Dark Times 2017 Super Dark Times 2017 is a American drama thriller film directed by Kevin Phillips and starring Owen Campbell and Charlie Tahan. Teenagers...

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