User Reviews The Lodgers (2017)

User Reviews The Lodgers (2017)
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User Reviews The Lodgers (2017)

Well the synopsis of this sounded great, it sounded interesting and intriguing.Sadly, they then decided to make the film, and what sounds good in type sadly failed to translate into action. It’s a lovely big house, nice quaint setting, seems authentically period in dress and mood and then the story starts and it all goes to pieces which is a real shame as this could have potentially been a good film had they made it half as good as the written synopsis.

The pacing was so slow that it finished third in a two horse race, there simply wasn’t enough story to beef it up and at times it just seemed lost in a vortex of nothingness. It took so long to get to the punchline that honestly, by the time it got there i’d forgotten the build up and didn’t really care what the punchline would be.

The Lodgers (2017) It was beautifully shot, atmospheric shadows and lighting throughout, nice use of angles and perspective and for the material they were dealt, the cast done a not bad job of carrying it out but it just seemed like it was trying too hard to be a ‘feels’ filled film with a hint of horror and mystery thrown in but the story was so bland that any hint of mystery was lost, it just didn’t intrigue the way it obviously wanted to.

No doubt we’ll have some ‘Luvvies’ drooling over this, calling it ‘genre defining’ or some such nonsense but in reality it just isn’t and I for one am quite disappointed at that fact.

I would summerize The Lodgers as a mix of the Gothic horror style with a good shot of the haunted house/family theme. The movie is certainly not a movie made for all eternity but got its merits:

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and last but not least a fine atmosphere of melancholy, mystery and hopelessness and some romance. On the other side the movie feels a little long stretched, I would have cut or shorten some of the scenes, but anyway I enjoyed watching.

Director David Bradley, as I checked, had done before only one “big” movie – Let Us Prey with Liam Cunningham (also a good horror movie) in 2014. In The Lodgers we also get a “star” – David Bradley I guess is well known as Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies and as Walder Frey in Game of Thrones. He plays a little role as a greedy trustee in this one.

The Lodgers: a good watch if you like movies heavily relenting on atmosphere, and if you like mentioned genres, but no movie for an action or gore addict for sure.


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