“Venom” reveals Venom’s origin in the new trailer

“Venom” reveals Venom’s origin in the new trailer
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It is a dangerous evil in the comic world as well as the world of Marvel, Venom character has a very impressive and impressive appearance in “Spider-Man 3”. Recently the official trailer of the movie revealed the origin of Venom.

This trailer has revealed the main story of the upcoming movie. Symbiotes from outer space fell to Earth, seized by Dr. Carlton Drake’s Life Foundation. With their ambition to dominate human ability and create dangerous creatures, they have plotted to carry out the cruelest and most cruel experiments to bring these parasites into human bodies.

Symbiotes of alien origin fall into the earth and are seized by the Life Foundation

Life Foundation conducts brutal experiments to bring these parasites to the human body.

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As a skilled reporter, Eddie Brook (Tom Hardy) begins to secretly investigate Drake’s criminal behavior. He gradually approached and gradually discovered a terrible secret. But he accidentally infected Symbiote into the body. From here, Eddie began to possess Venom’s supernatural abilities and brutality. Eddie must undergo a terrible transformation both physically and mentally and at the same time must fight with the rigorous pursuit of the Life Foundation.

Eddie Brook (Tom Hardy) plays a secretary who watches the Life Foundation’s secret

Eddie is infected with Symbiote and transforms within him

Eddie’s fierce and fierce pursuit as pursued by the Life Foundation

Venom is completely transformed into a deadly image of fear

The film was directed by Runben Fleischer and starred in Tom Hardy’s dramas such as Mad Max (2015), Legend (2015), Dunkirk (2017) and Michelle Williams (Riz Ahmed). ..

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