12 Strong putlockers – Watch 12 Strong full movie online free

12 Strong putlockers – Watch 12 Strong full movie online free
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Watch 12 Strong full movie online free – I usually do not go to these types of movies, nor leave reviews for them. But I must say this is an amazing movie for it’s genre. It does not go with the usual stereotypes of “bad muslims”. It is a movie for all Americans regardless of who they are if they want to know why we are still in the middle east. The actors were great, battle scenes on point. If you are still sketchy about seeing this movie like I was at first, well, don’t be. Go see it cause it is worth it.

12 Strong putlockers – Watch 12 Strong full movie online free

12 Strong review by reisen55 – No review here but an opinion

I cannot watch this film and for less obvious reasons – for I am a survivor of the South Tower. Worked for Aon and walked down from the 101st floor that morning. Certain films, events, take me back to The Towers and this would be a hard one to watch, same as Flight 93 was. Other films as less impactful to me and some, like THE WALK, mean nothing. I sense here, though, that a viewing would be followed by more than a few stiff drinks. So for those of us who were THERE that day …. salute the film but have to say been there, and did that in a profound way. BTW Aon lost 176 people that morning 19 of which I knew personally.

12 Strong review by Kapten Video – Yet another war movie about a manly men doing manly things. Yay! Yay. Yay?

Where have all the real men gone, some have asked. Well, they have moved onto the silver screen, to star in movies about modern American war, of course.

There has been a notable number of these lately, so the real men are almost constantly busy. And here comes another one, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer no less.

“12 Strong” starts, well, strong and has all the hallmarks of what has made him the legendary Hollywood action producer that he has been for more than 30 years now.

To state it more clearly, it’s so Bruckheimer, it will bite you in the ass. No one does this patriotic shit quite as well as Bruck! All the American warriors going to Afghanistan are so patriotic and macho in a good way (yet tender and loving to their families) than you can’t help but like and respect them.

The cast is very nice too, starting with the star Chris Hemsworth who has gathered fame with all these hot “Thor” superhero movies and always makes a good action man because of his buffed-up body and tendency to look slightly mad when his face is covered by dust, grease and/or blood… which tends to happen in war movies.

There can only be one hero, of course, but we have also Michael Peña and William Fichtner (the always solid supporting men), and, er, all the other ones making up the American or local armed forces.

And then there’s Michael Shannon, thinking man’s Hollywood star. As an actor, he’s always had the best of both worlds really – this larger than life presence that just commands the attention when he’s on screen but he’s also smart and intelligent, being able to do any kind of project he damn well pleases.

There’s not enough of him in “12 Strong”, because producers think Hemsworth needs to be central to everything, but then again, is there ever?

Having watched some, you may notice that for a war movie, there’s not a lot of action. In fact, you don’t get any battles some 55 minutes have passed from the beginning.

It’s not just that war movies are notoriously expensive, the story is also character-based, so the emphasis is on the team members, their state of mind and relationship with local allied warriors who fight the same war but for very different reasons and with a different attitude.

We see how being in a battlefield is, all this dust and mostly waiting and sitting around in your army pants, waiting for something to happen (which sounds a lot like my 20’s, minus the dust and army pants).

Then the battles happen, and I gotta say, they turn out to be not the strongest part of “12 Strong”. I mean, they are as visually attractive as they come these days, but not standing out in any significant way, except maybe the good work of make-up department creating wounds on the bodies of actors. In short, nothing we haven’t seen before enough times.

The suspension never rises high enough because the American soldiers are mostly invulnerable and don’t carry heavy losses.

How invested can you be in a firefight where you just know that “our guys” are gonna be left standing? It feels like a videogame, not a authentic chaos of war.

Sadly, the story which is meant to be the strongest part of “12 Strong” is actually not that strong too. It’s always a’ight, but not delving deep enough into the characters or their relationships with local allies (although the contrast of two sides is one of the most important points in the story). Which makes it surprising to see how friendly they are in the end.

Ultimately, it’s perfectly OK war movie but it doesn’t distinguish itself enough in any significant way, to really offer more than two hours worth of passive watching.

The stakes might have been high in real life (it’s based on true story), but they sure are only middling on the screen.

I wish they’d used the original title “Horse Soldiers”, it’s more intriguing. But I guess “12 Strong” is a cleaner and better fit for a mainstream project.

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12 Strong review by gcastles-35417 – Good actors let down by appalling dialogue

This is another one for the flag wavers. 12 Strong is the story of a Green Beret unit which helped Afghani warlords defeat Taliban and Al Qaeda forces to take a strategically important town in the very early days of the US-Afghanistan war.

First time director Nicolai Fuglsig was a war correspondent in Kosovo, so his experiences no doubt lend some realism to the action scenes; of which there are plenty. However, his inexperience as a director, or perhaps the producers’ desire for a return on the budget, reduce this film to a forgettable mash of bombs, bullets and fragile egos. Michael Shannon is IMO one of the best character actors since Philip Seymour Hoffman. He has no opportunity to show his skill here, with some of the worst lines he will probably utter in his entire career being his standout moments in this film.

Michael Pena reprises the role he’s been playing repeatedly since the early 90s: a gung-ho soldier who loves his country. Trevante Rhodes gets lumped with all the most cringeworthy scenes. Navid Negahban provides us with the Pashto version of “Hasta la vista, baby”. And Chris Hemsworth is Chris Hemsworth.

This sums to a film where instead of being immersed in the action, we are frequently reminded we a re watching a film when dumb characters say dumb lines. If you are a fan of Thor et al, then you will probably find this film enthralling. If you have never seen a good war film, I would recommend watching Gettysburg or Das Boot instead; two films which didn’t treat the audience like morons.

12 Strong review by s3276169 – Every American war film is like every American war film…..

Every American war film, in my experience, is like every other American war film. Its the same basic premise, with much the same context and underlying attitude. That is an exaggerated belief in the “righteousness” of the cause, married up to conceited obnoxious key characters who have a sense of ownership and entitlement, that puts them at odds with pretty much everyone they meet.

12 Strong is no exception. The main characters are loud, rude and generally really, really unlikable. Its hard to empathise with them or feel any genuine interest in them, especially given the historical context used yet again to justify their presence in Afghanistan. 9/11 was a led by Saudi nationals not Afghans but because the US is inextricably tied to Saudi through the petro dollar the poor Afghans drew the short straw. Of course this is never mentioned.

Instead our “hero’s” go about their heroic business in formulaic style.The action scenes are predictable but well done but really there’s little more on offer here. Of course, given there never seems to be any departure from the general script, that’s to be expected.

Take a look but don’t expect anything you have not seen before. 5/10 from me.

12 Strong review by DJ Graham – Great actors in a TV movie

There is no doubt that this is a good cast. If the story is true then I respect all involved. The down side is that the script, cinematography and direction was all very amateurish. It felt like a TV movie.

I knew there was going to be a problem when one of the actors was asked to say “target rich environment”. Cringe city. Very lazy writing.

The film is very dumbed down and the scenes clonk together. The action is dull and the scenes are messy and confusing. The logic is baffling and the tension is non-existent.

After lots of pathetic non effective bombing runs you are left with a messy poorly filmed climax. Then it feels like they were late for a train and it ends.

The current high rating for this film is artificial and false. I gave it a 5 because there is nothing engaging or entertaining. This film is not recommended.

12 Strong review by RR – Sloppy, Misguiding: but don’t understand all the extreme hate

12 strong at best, is a pretty ok above average war movie. As much as people wanna say that it is a good guy/bad guy movie and that it is a classic american propaganda movie, they should also realize that despite all these cons they did craft a more than a ‘boring’ or a ‘dull’ film.

I, for one had very low expectations for this. Chris Hemsworth’s casting for starters. Chris will forever be labelled as the guy who plays ‘Thor’ and that label hasn’t gone off here too. Many critics and reviewers might undermine this film for the casting and general tone of this film alone. 12 Strong starts with the usual sequence that most war movies starts with. A more than predictable story and plot development makes the film a tad uninteresting throughout. With frequent interruptions of ‘scholarly advice’ and ‘fight with heart’ dialogues make us cringe and wonder whether this film has something redeeming ; to praise for. Chris’s acting was a surprise. Never i would have expected to someone so typecasted to come out with some good piece of acting.

12 strong never suffers from a lack of action or adrenaline rushing moments. In fact, it is one of the few pros that should be mentioned. The slick, undetermined action, but pretty predictable one at that makes it a good thing that stands out from a pile of bad thorns. The film, even produced as a true story never makes it believable. The screenplay looks like it was borrowed from a Chinese robot designed to produce cliched screenplays. The lack of character development, the pretty straightforward interactions and dialogues and a vague, boring reactions to development that rarely take place make the film look like a full on dump.

With some right guidance on how a war film (a real incident at that) should be scripted and directed, 12 strong could have been, potentially a good flick. Even with all the cliches and no original content to produce 12 strong stands on its own as a stagnant, rock solid, sloppy flick.

12 Strong review by James Graham – An okay movie

This tells the true story of a group of 12 special forces soldiers who go to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks for a mission to aid a warlord to take back territory from the Taliban.

Due to the mountain terrain they have to cover, they spend most of the film on horseback. This gives a slight twist to the whole action war film but they still have top notch guns and targeted air strikes.

They is an okay movie. Its a bit melodramatic, especially at the beginning. Soldiers who have just retired from active service for an office job demanding they be let back to active service after 9/11. Spouses unhappy that their husbands are going into a dangerous situation etc…

It does keep you interested, although my attention struggled near to the end. The problem is that there is only so many times you can see someone shoot a Taliban soldier. It also is very predictable.

Maybe you need American patriotism to enjoy the movie fully but overall its worth a watch. I just wouldn’t pay especially to watch it, as you will fill short changed.

12 Strong review by SnoopyStyle – old style war movie

Captain Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) had gotten a desk job for his family. When America is attacked on 9/11, he pushes to retract from his reassignment to lead his men into the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Hal Spencer (Michael Shannon) is his veteran Chief Warrant Officer. The squad of twelve men joins one of the competing Northern Alliance leaders, Dostum.

This is old style patriotic militarism and it does it well. Hemsworth plays the blonde godlike hero. There is plenty of war action. My biggest complaint is the constant need to get Mitch in the middle of the gun battles. Dostum is needlessly reckless to the point of suicidal. The fighting is geared to be cinematic rather than being realistic. They literally walk into traps more than once. There is one scene where dozen of men carry their weapons offering to surrender. For some unknown reason, the Americans stupidly walk out of their fighting positions into exposed ground. It makes the Americans look bad to do something so dumb. A better way is to have one child soldier surrendering and then set off the booby-trap. This is much more an old style action war movie rather than a deeper portrayal of modern war.

12 Strong review by Hakrames – Another 9/11 History Movie that Stands out to the Rest

With countless movies about the tragedy that left America in shock and anger, 12 Strong follows a different story than most with the first attacking line against Osama Bin Laden.

The A list cast consisting of Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, And Michael Pena along with others add a good and familiar face to this gritty war drama. Everyone giving good performances across the board even the minor characters and generic soldiers shown throughout the movie as well.

The overall story is clear cut and set up within the first 20 minutes and holds strongly throughout. With some Cliches scattered throughout the film that could be clouded over since it is based off of true events. Some of the scenes did feel discriminating with its depictions of americans and the towns and locations throughout.

Shockingly there weren’t that many action/war as shown in the trailers and promotions for the film but the biggest battle is definitely the most intense with it’s feeling of threat and danger most for our cast. But the big battle did have continuity errors throughout with recycled shots of headshots, missile firing and people coming in and out of cover shooting.

Overall the movie did well with it’s first time director and seeing Hemsworth get back into the uniform and Pena to be himself with his comical side that gave the audience a breath of fresh air in between tense scenes. The movie did pull of tension a lot better than most war movies especially ones that have come out in the past decade possibly and it’s non-complicated story made it fun and interesting to allow the story to be driven mainly by the characters after the introduction.

12 Strong review by eddie_baggins – Thor goes to to War in this solid action film

Based on a little known true story and no doubt exaggerated for the Hollywood machine, 12 Strong is an effective war film and a solid debut feature from director Nicolai Fuglsig who delivers an experience that is engaging without becoming anything overly memorable as Thor himself heads into the battlegrounds of Afghanistan to take it to Al-Qaida in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Focussed around Chris Hemsworth’s Captain Mitch Nelson and his 11 man squad that includes Michael Shannon’s Hal Spencer and Michael Pena’s Sam Diller heading into the war torn Afghani landscape mere days after the attacks on American soil and tasked with completing a highly important mission of support to a local militant whose looking to wipe out the terrorist threat in the country, 12 Strong gives Fuglsig and his cast ample chances to get involved in some explosive and intense battles as their horse filled entourage take it to the “big bads” and try clear a path towards liberation.

Those seeking a fix of war infused thrills and spills will be left satisfied by the experience 12 Strong has to offer them as Fuglsig director handles the carnage and intense battles well as the bullets, RPG’s and bombs fly across our screens and for a film with a somewhat limited budget, Fuglsig makes the most of the tools at his disposal to give the film a sense of danger and fierceness, even if there are a few too many scenes of our heroes flying headfirst into battle as countless enemies spray bullets everywhere but at them.

Where 12 Strong isn’t so strong is in its ability to connect us with this particular group of men and while Hemsworth and militant leader General Dostrum (played well by Navid Negahban) get decent set-ups and screen time, Fuglsig can’t quite invest us more emotionally into the bond and backgrounds of the tight-knit Green Berets squad.

The best war films manage to mix both the shock and awe of battle with the human ties and that’s what differentiates 12 Strong from the leaders of the pack, despite its ability to capture the time and place of this story in a constantly capable way.

Final Say

12 Strong offers up a solid if unremarkable war-set experience that features some above average battles and big screen spectacle but some unfortunately lacking human connections.

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