13 Reasons Why putlockers – Watch 13 Reasons Why full movie online free

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13 Reasons Why putlockers – Watch 13 Reasons Why full movie online free
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Watch 13 Reasons Why full movie online free This isn’t just another show to binge on Netflix. 13 Reasons Why is a love-letter to the world by addressing very sensitive issues about adolescence. This show helped me see things in a new perspective and point of view; it helped me become wiser, stronger, and braver. This series must be watched with an open mind especially that there are some scenes that can be really distressing to the viewer. Keep in mind that parents should every now and then discuss these serious topics with their children in order to keep them aware of what’s happening in the environment.

13 Reasons Why putlockers – Watch 13 Reasons Why full movie online free

13 Reasons Why review by Ahmet Kozan – A psychological drama series that everyone should watch

I watched the last episode and finished the series. My current mood is depressive and my feathers thorns. It was really impressive. The drama brings great sorrows to the audience, bringing sadness. It completely changes the way people think about their behavior towards the environment. We have behaviors that cause negative effects that we do not care about people we interact with, and that is to realize that our behavior can be one of the giant pieces of fist that are thrown into the life of that person. The worst do not care about it. So I always thought it was important to pay attention not to break your heart in this life. It is very important to act like human beings. This series is for everyone to watch. Especially parents. The biggest impact of the series was that I could start looking at the people around me with less prejudice. It is strongly recommended.

13 Reasons Why review by Bobandlulureview – If you have a teenager at home, watch it with them!

Hannah Baker – the bullied, the raped, the cyber bullied, the slut shamed, the body shamed and the one blamed for everything that was going wrong with her friends. 13 Reasons Why brought into fore the kind of life high school students live today.

True, the series is based off of a book written by Jay Asher, an American author and is set in the U.S.A but the fact remains that people are the same everywhere. High school kids are the same everywhere. Bullying is a universal theme. Bullying happens at home, at school, at work place and given where “bullying” happens each instance is accordingly assigned a phrase – Abuse, Bullying and Harassment.

Was Hannah Baker a stereotype? Did the show really need to be as graphic as it was? Yes, because this is probably one of the shows that was watched by many kids with their parents and resulted in the start of a conversation. It made teachers realise that they need to up their game. That they need to be present for the kids. That their job as teachers doesn’t just end with going into the classroom and belting out knowledge but also requires that they cater to the student’s well being. Bullying can be contained if only adults did their job as adults. I guess that’s one of the main things we learnt from 13 Reasons Why season 1. This is not a series that should be taken lightly. This is not a series that should be watched lightly. This is not a series that kids should watch by themselves. I would recommend that the parents watch it with their child so that parents get to know exactly how a teenager’s life is today. Given the advent of Technology and how far it has taken us and how easy it is to put something on the Internet and destroy someone’s life, is something that we have witnessed. Of course we have a lot of people saying that this show wasn’t necessary. That there was no mention of Hannah’s mental illness that she just took the step out of rage and in doing so romanticized suicide. To all these people I’d like to ask, do you remember Amanda Todd? This is not something that is purely fiction it’s in fact reality, the kind of reality we didn’t quite see ourselves facing but guess what! We are in the internet era, that’s why parents need to sit with the child and watch the show, parents need to learn the reach of internet. We need to learn that kids today are on a different level of stress than when we were as kids. That’s where it all begins. Hannah went through a lot – individually, these are incidents that would not push a person over the brink but when all these incidents are looked at ‘together’ you wouldn’t be surprised. As far as complaints about the show not dealing with mental health issues more elaborately – please listen to Hannah’s dialogues again. If they don’t represent anguish and if her façade fooled you into believing that everything was alright then… ummm… you need to interact more with people. She is objectified, raped, witnesses a rape and is sexually harassed. Would you expect anybody to be emotionally in a good place after all of that? Her friends knew this. She told an adult about this. She was turned away when she sought help. One more argument I keep hearing is that the show portrays women as ‘weak’. How? She is not weak because she killed herself. She’s strong because she managed to survive until that point. She even did the thing that is expected of her – seek help. Isn’t asking for help the poignant sign of “I need to be rescued, I can’t fight this alone anymore”? Now don’t say women are weak because they ask for help. Also remember Hannah wasn’t an “Adult” she was just a child.

The only thing I agree with though is the portrayal of her suicide in the final episode. It was way too graphic for me. I felt queasy and I don’t know how I managed to recover after that. The scene wasn’t necessary. Yet, a part of me hoped that if someone who bullies watched that they would take a moment and have an epiphany that they need to stop bullying. That maybe a kid they’ve been bullying might just take that awful step.

Final point being – watch it. If you have a teenager at home – your child/niece/ nephew/cousin watch it with them. What I learnt is that adults need to do their jobs as adults. Kids need to know the difference between being a snitch and someone who is not a tattle. Everybody has a responsibility. Adults lead by example because kids become their parents.

13 Reasons Why review by Israelmotleyyt – Beautiful, Emotional, Deep, and Near to Perfect

I truly love this show, every season. There’s not a bad episode, every episode has token my emotion away, every episode has killed me and broke me down. This show finds a way to take your heart and emotions and rip it right out of you. I barely binge show, but I binged the last 7 Episodes of this show all in one sitting. It’s addicting, cause you wanna see what happens next and it’s smart doing it. This show has amazing performances, especially by Katherine and Dylan. This show showed everything that needed to be shown to bring awareness to stuff, and it has smart script writing to keep you forwarded in it. My only flaw is mainly with the 2nd season, and it’s that it doesn’t really pull you in till episode 6. So the first 5 Episodes is Season 2 are OK, but it takes a while to get back in, but once Episode 6 starts…..Man your in for a ride.

13 Reasons Why review by kaorichan-03452 – Much more realistic than the perfect heroes on TV shows

I felt compelled to write this review as so many comments are besides the point of this series. We are so used to watching series with heroes always saving the day, doing the right thing, that we forget how real life is. This is not a show about what it should be but about what it is. The main character is not an hero, she is just like the other teenagers that are included in it. She stay frozen when she should be fighting, she keeps it all to herself when she should talk, she is taking pranks too seriously, and so on. But so she is, and so could we. People seem to forget that most of the time no one moves when something awful and unexpected happens. They seem to forget they are flawed human. We look the other way. You can feel offended by something that won’t have the same impact on another person that could have been at your place. It is difficult to watch, but that is the point. Watch the depression,watch people falling apart and some horrible scenes. It is realistic. If it wasn’t, suicide wouldn’t be the top reason of death for teenagers.

13 Reasons Why review by Zeetgyst – Deeply Flawed, Painful Yet a Must See

While it is unfair to expect that movies or TV shows targeted young adults must constantly present a morality play or take on the character of a extended public service announcement, this show embarks upon truly dangerous territory. And the most troubling aspect is apparent in the title. However, if viewed as an exploration of the ripple effects of the sometimes intentional and sometimes accidental ways in which people can bully and harm each other, particularly in the teen-aged world of heightened sensitivity and emotion, the show is in many ways excellent.

As the title suggests, the story centres around a series of tapes left by “Hanna” a teenager who recently committed suicide. We follow “Clay” as he listens to the tapes. By way of a series of flashbacks we try to understand what led Hanna to her decision.

The story structure, filming, soundtrack and overall presentation drew me in notwithstanding my initial skepticism. There were almost too many good performances from the cast to list and that was notwithstanding a script that ranged from deeply touching and real to downright awkward and manipulative. In the early episodes most the principal characters appear as clichés cut from the Breakfast Club but in time we begin to see most of them them as fleshed out complex beings.

In short, as we are told constantly about the tapes, you need to suspend judgment until you see it all. The show’s greatest strengths and weaknesses are difficult to appreciate without seeing it through to the end. As an exploration of bullying and the “reasons” we all have for the harm we cause each other, this is one of the best teen dramas I have seen. As an eyes open look at suicide, it fails.

13 Reasons Why review by Ralph Fitcher – A realistic view of the horror of ones child committing suicide

The show is amazing, it gives people a realistic insight into high school life from the point of view of a teenager. Unfortunately, this story also yields the events leading up to the suicide of one fictional teenager. But, this is insight into the possible reasons so many teenagers actually do commit suicide. The horror that the parents have to deal with in the unexplainable, pointless, useless death of their child. The need for answers, closure and most of all to know if they as parents could have prevented what happened. This story also deals with the effect a teen suicide has on the other students in the school as well as the staff of said school. Bravo to the makers of this show for shedding some light on this very real problem in our nations school system.

13 Reasons Why review by Jamariana – Decent show

I’ve read more negative things about the main character of the show, Hannah Baker, than on anything else about the show – its quality, the writing, or any of the other characters. I’m just about finishing up with the show, so I still don’t know how she does it or the final reason. I think it’s a decent enough show. Some episodes I thought were a bit blah, and sometimes I can’t sympathise with Hannah, but overall it’s not a bad show.

It’s not as addictive as my friends led me to believe, but that may just be my problem, as I personally don’t like to watch too much drama in one day. Whatever people may say about Hannah’s character – things like “Oh, she’s such a drama queen” or that she makes everything about herself or puts all the blame on other people – the actress who portrays her does a great job acting-wise.

Clay is a nice character too, although sometimes I rolled my eyes at some of the things he said. To me, it seems that the hero always loves to blame themselves for things over which they have no control. You know, like if Superman has to be in two places at once, but obviously can’t and as a result there is tragedy on one end and he blames it on himself, even though reasonably there was nothing that could be done about the situation.

Some of the rest of the characters are neat too, and some not. I sympathise a lot with Jessica’s character and really think people should help her out. Most of the jocks I don’t care about, with the exception being Zach, who I think is a nice enough person.

As for the actual story of the show, I think it is pretty compelling stuff. I don’t always agree with Hannah, but that is precisely the point – she had problems and needed help dealing with them. While I think the show does not fully portray mental illnesses – e.g. depression, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, etc. – in an accurate enough way, it is a decent show for the purposes of entertainment. I really seem not to be able to say that word enough, huh? Decent. Well, to me, that describes the show in the best way possible. I don’t think the episodes are consistently groundbreaking, but none are below a rating of 5/10, so there you go, the show is decent.

13 Reasons Why review by Andoniboy – Putting high school suicide under the microscope

I watched the Netflix production of “thirteen reasons why” as a spectator would an autopsy of a suicide, where every aspect is dissected and each subjective point of view is presented starting with the suicide victim herself.

Cyber bullying and slut shaming get the ball rolling and we end up with some other serious reasons by the end.

Secrets are protected in order for the truth to remain under a bushel and the perpetrators can remain anonymous and immune to the consequences of their actions. The pressures of scholarships and college admissions seem to justify all. We are soon left with the impression that modern high/secondary school life is a cesspool of popularity contests and psychopathic mind games, played out through social media in real time. The old fashioned physical bullying continues in evidence but kept usually in the noble testosterone domain.

Everyone has the finger pointed at them from school management, parents and fellow class mates. It seems that the American High School system contributes by putting athletes/players (American Football, baseball players and basket ball) on a pedestal and thus giving them godlike power over other mere mortals who share the same academic corridors.

Everyone may have different opinions on the manner in which it was done but there can be no doubting that this is a program that needed to be made. Young people, parents, teachers and school management need to watch this, the debate needs to be opened and the message needs to get out. Teenage problems need to be voiced in a safe environment and suicide is not the solution to any of these problems.

The soundtrack is peppered with classic 80 ‘s music and other nuggets to investigate.

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