Watch Action Point Trailer 1 (2018)

Watch Action Point Trailer 1 (2018)
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Watch Action Point Trailer 1 (2018)

okay I gotta go thanks for taking care.

of her dad she loves having you around.

it at the bottom of the ball really your.

mom ever tell you drill.

papaw home on the graze amusement parks.

of all time those days were different.

there weren’t so many rules.

your mom would come for the summer she.

was the voice of reason here’s a.

lifeguard should we keep facing the.

water let God sort em out what’s our.

attendance today down about 45% what I.

suppose you’ve probably heard you got.

some competition in town they got roller.

coasters and a chairlift that actually

works this is our home.

can’t just like somebody take it what.

this place needs is an excitement enema.

we’re gonna make this place fast and.

loose every ride.

every attraction no laws must be.

just pure fun that sounds kind of.

dangerous let’s see what this baby can

we need some to do these little bastards

like a petting zoo hold my beer

not as younger I could do or these


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