Adrift fandango – Watch Adrift full movie online free

Adrift fandango – Watch Adrift full movie online free
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Based on a true story, Adrift depicts a wild love of a girl whose life is a wandering, no purpose Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) and British sailor Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin) handsome , owns a small boat with a preference for sailing everywhere. Two strange people suddenly find each other after the adventures. They have the same spirit, the ambition thanks to the day lost indefinitely. Tami and Richard rushed to each other as fast as the waves they loved. Finding the girl of his life, Richard decides to propose and they both happily embark on a trans-Pacific journey heading for San Diego, California.

Adrift fandango – Watch Adrift full movie online free

Everything is so good, the catastrophic storm suddenly came to make the trip became a disaster. Waking up in chaos and missing Richard without a trace, Tami must do to take life for himself and his beloved from the sea of ​​violence.

The story of life is not really new to the people who like to watch European movies but the beauty of Adrift is instead of the main character is the man as usual or a weak donkey survived thanks to support. In contrast, the heroine Tami is the mastermind against a nearly 97-minute film. It seems unreasonable because the main character, he does not help her anything? It’s true, you do not expect to see a marshal of the lyric because there is no way Richard could help Tami in this misery. Except for the spiritual support, his lover only added the burden to her little girl in the vast ocean. But do not be so jealous of him, because the more your heart will feel more painful, understanding and moved by their love for each other. It can be said that the script is not too complicated but it is not that simple.

The filmmakers were extremely skillful in integrating past and present, real and virtual throughout the film’s duration. Besides, the sailing techniques, geo-location measurements are also applied to turn on the cleverness and sensitivity of the character Tami. However, the general audience does not have the ability to understand these technical terms.

Adrift has exploited almost the psychology of human beings in extreme situations. Just as the waves when high low, the film has been portrayed successful psychological instability of the character, at the end of life to the extreme, at the breakdown, fall as if to give up all. All of them are shown in a very honest way, true to impossible.

To Shailene Woodley, she was almost completely embodied in the character. From the sunburned face is always reddish spots, hair tangled by wind, sand and sea salt. Till the wilderness, mischievous and infatuated adventures, every feature pops up a strong woman, love the sea but also dare stand up when the sea wants to swallow her. Next to a female power is a male lead driven circumstances lead to powerless. Sam Claflin’s performance was nothing but a compliment.

He also sacrificed his handsome, glamorous appearance for the role but his role in the movie was shattered by her Shailene and made him sink as the waves bury him. Maybe next time he should choose a more active role than to have to hug the character likes to lie in a place like this.
In terms of sound and image, Adrift did pretty well when everything was true to every detail, from the waves of the boat to the crashing sails of the swaying swing in the wind. They all blend in with the magnificent scenery of the vast, blue ocean.

Overall, Adrift is not the best surviving film, nor the most romantic movie, but the movie still has its own special features that make it stand out.

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